Courtney Pimentel: Sales Associate to IT

Courtney Pimentel‘s story is one of ambition and transformation. Like many aspiring tech professionals, Courtney found herself drawn to the ever-evolving world of technology and its endless possibilities for growth. “[I wanted] to be a part of that environment,” Courtney says, reflecting on her decision to transition from a career as a Sales Associate at Nike to a challenging and rewarding path in cybersecurity engineering.

Before Flatiron: What were you doing and why did you decide to switch gears?

Courtney’s interest in tech wasn’t entirely new. Already equipped with a foundational knowledge of cybersecurity fundamentals and Linux, she possessed a strong base to build upon. Recognizing the tech industry’s potential for innovation and advancement, Courtney made the bold decision to pursue a career change. “[I saw] the potential for growth,” she explains, highlighting the allure of a field constantly pushing boundaries.

However, transitioning into tech can be daunting. With the ever-growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals, it’s crucial to have the proper guidance and support. This is where Flatiron School entered Courtney’s journey. As a scholarship recipient for the Women Take Tech program, Courtney found the perfect environment to cultivate her technical skills and gain the confidence to thrive in the tech industry.

During Flatiron: What surprised you most about yourself and the learning process during your time at Flatiron School?

Flatiron School’s immersive bootcamp proved to be a turning point for Courtney. “The most surprising thing about my time at Flatiron was discovering how much I could learn and grow in such a short amount of time,” she reflects. The curriculum’s intensity pushed Courtney in unexpected ways, but she rose to the challenge, exceeding her own expectations. “The learning process challenged me in ways I never expected,” she admits, “and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to pick up new skills and concepts.”

Flatiron School fosters a culture of continuous learning, and Courtney thrived in this environment. The fast-paced nature of the program not only equipped her with technical expertise but also instilled a sense of perseverance and adaptability – valuable assets in any tech career.

After Flatiron: What are you most proud of in your new tech career?

Today, Courtney is a testament to the transformative power of Flatiron School’s education and career services support. Together with her Career Coach, Andrea Towe, Courtney was able to execute an effective job search strategy to make her dreams a reality. 

Having landed a fulfilling job as an IT Assistant with The Quad Preparatory School in New York, she’s actively contributing her skills and insights to add value. “I’m most proud of working on big projects that deal with automation and different systems in the IT world,” she beams.

Courtney’s exposure to new technologies and concepts at Flatiron School ignited a desire for continuous learning. “The opportunities feel endless!” she exclaims, highlighting the vast potential for growth in her chosen field. This experience has solidified her decision to pursue a career in tech, and she’s eager to explore the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Courtney’s journey is an inspiration to anyone considering a career change in tech. It exemplifies the power of dedication, a thirst for knowledge, and the transformative environment offered by Flatiron School.

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Anslie Brant: From Nanny to Operations Analyst

Anslie Brant (she/they) is a recent Flatiron School graduate who just landed their dream job in the tech industry! Their story is one of determination, resilience, and the power of finding the right educational path. In this blog, we’ll follow Anslie’s journey, from their pre-Flatiron experience to their exciting new role in the tech world, all through their own words.

Before Flatiron: What were you doing and why did you decide to switch gears?

Anslie, like many others, found themselves navigating the twists and turns of life’s path. “I was a computer science student at university,” she explained, but due to various circumstances, Anslie wasn’t able to finish their degree. This led to a period of working odd jobs, facing the insecurity that often comes with such positions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the desire for a tech career never faded. “I knew I still wanted to pursue software development [and the] tech field in general,” Anslie says. Finding stable work as a nanny provided the space to explore different options. Inspired by friends who had successfully transitioned into tech through bootcamps, Anslie began researching this route. She discovered a passion for full-stack development, a field that allows Anslie to “combine my creative side and analytical side to be a well-rounded front- and back-end developer.”

Anslie’s story reflects a common thread among those drawn to tech careers: a lifelong fascination with technology. “I began playing video games early in life,” they share, “and this interest just never stopped.” Building their own PC for various purposes – work, education, and even streaming – solidified their desire to be part of the tech world.

During Flatiron: What surprised you most about yourself and the learning process during your time at Flatiron School?

Having had a taste of computer science in college, Anslie knew the traditional university route wasn’t the right fit. “I wanted to learn HOW to code and apply it,” they explain, “and in college, I hadn’t even gotten my hands on real-life applications yet.” Flatiron School offered a different approach, one that emphasized practical application and real-world skills.

Anslie’s journey at Flatiron School wasn’t without its challenges. However, their story highlights Flatiron’s focus on student success. Anslie reflects positively on the supportive Admissions experience and even received a scholarship. “The fact there was a scholarship option for Women in STEM as well as based on financial need was enticing,” they say.

Looking back, Anslie is most proud of simply graduating. “I was very disappointed in not finishing the traditional university route,” they confess. Flatiron provided the opportunity to overcome that disappointment and achieve their goals. “I was able to jump right in, gain real industry experience, and get my foot in the door of tech in a very tough state at the moment.”

After Flatiron: What are you most proud of in your new tech career?

With grit and determination, Anslie Brant landed a role as an Operations Analyst at TSYS Global Payments. “I am very proud to have landed a tech-adjacent role for a fintech company,” Anslie says. This new role offers not only amazing benefits and growth opportunities but also a significant increase in income.

The job search process wasn’t easy. It took four months of dedicated effort, “never stopping networking, cold messaging on LinkedIn, sending applications to all kinds of tech jobs, and practicing interview questions,” as Anslie describes it. Their perseverance paid off, and they landed a coveted position in a competitive industry.

The transformation is remarkable. “I went from being a nanny with past experience in food service, retail, and hospitality, with no corporate experience, to working a technical role in a fintech corporation,” Anslie reflects. They attribute their success not only to their own hard work but also to Flatiron School and Career Coach, Raffi Sarafian. “I was complimented on my etiquette and professionalism in my interviews which I can only attribute to my Coach and resources provided by Flatiron as I genuinely had not a clue!”


Anslie’s story is a testament to the power of finding the right educational path and the transformative potential of Flatiron School’s immersive bootcamp. 

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Kendall McNeil: From Project Management to Data Science

Inspired by the power of data and a yearning to explore a field that aligned perfectly with her strengths, Kendall McNeil, a Memphis, TN resident, embarked on a strenuous career journey with Flatiron School. In this blog, we’ll delve into Kendall’s story – from her pre-Flatiron experience to the challenges and triumphs she encountered during the program, and ultimately, her success in landing a coveted Data Scientist role.

Before Flatiron: What were you doing and why did you decide to switch gears?

For eight years, Kendall thrived in the world of project management and research within the fields of under-resourced education and pediatric healthcare. Data played a crucial role in her work, informing her decisions and sparking a curiosity for Python’s potential to streamline processes. However, a passion for coding piqued her curiosity outside of work, compelling her to explore this field further.

“When I found Flatiron School, I was excited about the opportunity to level up my coding skills and gain a deeper understanding of machine learning and AI,” shared Kendall.

The scholarship opportunity she received proved to be a pivotal moment, encouraging her to strategically pause her career and fully immerse herself in Flatiron School’s Data Science program for four intensive months. This decision reflected not just a career shift, but a commitment to aligning her work with her true calling.

During Flatiron: What surprised you most about yourself and the learning process during your time at Flatiron School? 

Flatiron School’s rigorous curriculum challenged Kendall in ways she didn’t anticipate. Yet, the supportive environment and exceptional instructors like David Elliott made a significant difference.

“Big shout out to my instructor, David Elliott,” expressed Kendall in appreciation. “Throughout my time in his course, he skillfully balanced having incredibly high standards for us, while remaining approachable and accessible.”

Beyond the initial surprise of just how much she loved learning about data science, Kendall was particularly impressed by the program’s structure. The curriculum’s fast pace, coupled with the ability to apply complex concepts to hands-on projects, allowed her to build a strong portfolio that would become instrumental in her job search. The downloadable course materials also proved to be a valuable resource, something she continues to reference in her current role.

After Flatiron: What are you most proud of in your new tech career? 

Looking back at her Flatiron experience, Kendall highlights her capstone project as a source of immense pride. The project involved creating an AI model designed to detect up to 14 lung abnormalities in chest X-rays. This innovation has the potential to address a critical challenge in healthcare – the high rate (20-30%) of false negatives in chest X-ray diagnoses.

“The model, still a work in progress, boasts an 85% accuracy rate and aims to become a crucial ally for healthcare providers, offering a second opinion on these intricate images by identifying subtle patterns that may be harder to detect with the human eye,” explained Kendall.

However, her pride extends beyond the technical aspects of the project. By leveraging Streamlit, Kendall successfully deployed the model onto a user-friendly website, making it accessible to the everyday user. This focus on accessibility aligns with her core belief in the importance of making complex data and research readily available.

Within just six weeks of completing the program, she received multiple job offers – a testament to the skills and foundation she acquired at Flatiron School. With support from her Career Coach, Sandra Manley, Kendall navigated the interview process with ease. Currently, Kendall thrives in her new role as a Data Scientist at City Leadership. She’s recently embarked on a “data listening tour” to understand the organization’s data needs and explore possibilities for future innovation.

“It has been a joy and, again, I really feel that I have discovered the work I was made for!” concluded Kendall.

Kendall invites you to follow her journey on social media: GitHub Portfolio | Blog | LinkedIn

Summary: Unleashing Your Potential at Flatiron School

Kendall’s story is a shining example of how Flatiron School empowers individuals to pursue their passions and embark on fulfilling tech careers. The program’s immersive curriculum, coupled with exceptional instructors and a focus on practical application, equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the data science field.

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Amelia Freeman: From History Major to Software Engineer

The path Amelia Freeman took to software engineering was anything but linear. Her career pursuit was driven by a persistent curiosity and a desire to create. After studying history and working in recruitment, she found herself drawn to the world of code. Inspired by a coding class in college, she decided to make a bold career change and enrolled in Flatiron School’s immersive Software Engineering program.

Before Flatiron

Amelia’s experience in recruiting equipped her with valuable communication and interpersonal skills, but she yearned for a more technical and independent career. “I wanted to do something that involved less talking to people and more working with code,” she shared. Living in Germany for a year and a half solidified her desire for a change, and she saw Flatiron School as the perfect launchpad for her software engineering aspirations.

During Flatiron

The program’s intensity surprised Amelia, but she met the challenge head-on. “The days were long, and the work was challenging,” she admits, “but I just continued to work and work, and in the end, I felt very accomplished with what I had learned and the work I had done.” This perseverance, a core value at Flatiron School, is what helped Amelia push through any obstacles she encountered during the program and emerge on the other side as a confident developer.

After Flatiron

Amelia’s dedication paid off. After 68 days, she landed her dream job as a Junior Consultant at Agineo in Germany, fulfilling her desire to work in the country she once explored. “I am most proud of my new job in Germany,” she beams. “It was a dream to work in Germany, and I’m proud I made it happen!”

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Flatiron School’s immersive programs can equip you with the skills and confidence to pursue your tech dreams, no matter your background. Join a supportive community of learners and instructors, and unleash your potential to thrive in the tech industry. 

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Katie Behrmann: Educator to Engineer

Imagine the thrill of igniting young minds with the wonders of STEM, and then seamlessly transitioning to building and supporting the very technology that fuels that excitement. That was Katie Behrmann’s trajectory, a former STEM educator who, after Flatiron School, transformed her passion for teaching into a fulfilling career in software engineering. Her story echoes a familiar melody for many – the burnout of the education system and the lure of impactful problem-solving in the tech world.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, Katie’s path from a dedicated STEM educator to a thriving tech professional is a tale of determination, passion, and growth.

Before Flatiron: What were you doing and why did you decide to switch gears?

Before her foray into the world of tech, Katie was an upper elementary/middle school STEM teacher, imparting foundational coding and robotics skills to her students. The spark to switch gears ignited during the pandemic when Katie transitioned to a Customer Support Specialist role at an EdTech startup. 

As she assisted users on the platform, she realized the potential of her technical skills in solving coding-related issues. This realization fueled her desire to deepen her knowledge of programming languages and computer science, ultimately leading her to pursue a career change. In her words, “I loved using my technical knowledge and skills to help users and knew that I could further those skills.”

During Flatiron: What surprised you most about yourself and the learning process during your time at Flatiron School?

Initially, Katie entered Flatiron School with concerns about balancing an educational endeavor alongside her full-time job. “I was worried about taking on another type of extra-curricular schooling outside of my full-time job,” she said “When I was a teacher, I was in a part-time grad school program that made me miserable.” However, the experience turned out to be a stark contrast to her past negative encounters with part-time programs. 

During her time in the program, Katie discovered a newfound excitement to learn, eagerly tackling coding challenges and expressing her creativity. “I was always excited at the end of my work day to solve coding challenges, build with code, and get creative,” Katie reflected. “I found the software engineering curriculum to be surprisingly fun and extremely well-structured.”

An unexpected revelation was finding herself thinking and dreaming in code—a testament to the immersive and engaging learning environment.

After Flatiron: What are you most proud of in your new tech career?

Post-graduation, Katie accepted a Technical Support Engineer role at Samsara and seamlessly translated her newfound skills into tangible contributions. “I was able to use my skills as predicted–not only in helping our users debug issues, but I was able to push feature changes to my company’s code [that] solved problems that many of our users had been contacting us about for years.”

Katie’s impact extended beyond her initial role as she navigated toward a higher-paying job and earned a more senior title at Samsara. This career journey is a testament to her dedication and the practical skills acquired during her time at Flatiron School.

A Call to Aspiring Tech Enthusiasts

Katie’s transformation from Educator to Engineer exemplifies the boundless possibilities that unfold with the right education, determination, and support system. If Katie’s story resonates with you, if the idea of shifting from education to a dynamic tech career ignites a spark within, then it’s time to make a change.

Ready to take charge of your future?

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Juliet Day: Law to Data Science

Juliet Day, a July 2022 Data Science Live graduate, began her career working in law. A pandemic, baking business, and bootcamp later, she’s thriving in tech as a Data Scientist.

Background In Law

Growing up, Juliet recalls always wanting to be a lawyer, based on her parent’s backgrounds in law and “a lot” of Law and Order. This interest informed her choice of major in university and early career. 

“I majored in Criminal Justice in college and then started working as a paralegal for a law firm in NYC,” she said. “But, I realized pretty quickly that was not what I wanted to do as a career.” 

She set her eyes next on the culinary field. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other plans. 

“I’d enrolled in a dual business management and pastry program at the Institute of Culinary Education, set to start in March of 2020. Unfortunately, because of Covid, the business management program was taught virtually and the pastry program was indefinitely postponed.” 

With learning restricted to online and NYC effectively shutting down, Juliet decided to retreat to her parent’s home and wait for the pandemic to blow over. Like many, what she thought would be a couple of weeks stretched far longer, giving her plenty of time to explore her new culinary business ambitions. 

“I’d launched a baking business, initially from [my parent’s] home and later from a shared commercial kitchen. I started selling scones on Etsy and built the business for about a year and a half. I set up a website that allowed me to ship all over the country and also sold to 8 farm stands and wholesale shops near my parent’s home.” 

Deciding On Data

For most people, this is where the story would end – successfully pivoting from Law into a confectionary business owner, and riding off into the sunset, scones in hand. But, by January 2022, Juliet had realized the limitations imposed on her business’ growth caused by the pandemic wouldn’t be going away. 

“Scaling my business the way I wanted to would be close to impossible with the labor shortages, supply chain issues, and all the other problems in the food industry caused by Covid,” she explained. “So, I decided to shut down my business.”

With her second career concluded, Juliet got to work planning her next move. Reflecting on the previous two years she spent building a baking business, she realized that her third career had been there all along – data.  

“I realized that while I started my business because of my love of baking, what I really loved was being able to analyze my data with (at the time) my limited Excel knowledge,” she recalled.  “I found it fascinating how I could make decisions about my business based on the data I had and that inspired me to want to expand my data analytics skills and dive into this career path.”

Related Reading: Juliet’s blog on using data science in her baking business.

Flatiron School Experience

Having decided to pursue data science, Juliet got to work on acquiring the skills she would need to work professionally in the field. After researching a variety of programs in the New York City area, she settled on Flatiron School’s full-time Data Science Live program. 

“I knew several people who went through the program and I had heard great things,” she said. “My primary goal was to gain the technical skills required to get a first job in tech and to cultivate the mindset needed for this field.” 

While she’d initially planned to attend classes in person, circumstances again threw a wrench in her plans. Pivoting to remote learning again, Juliet adapted swiftly. 

“Initially, I was disappointed by this change [to remote], but it was a rewarding experience even in a remote setting.”

Students in the Data Science Live program commit to an accelerated pace, learning Monday through Friday for 15 weeks straight – a daunting workload to adapt to. 

“There’s a lot of material taught in a very short period of time, and especially at the beginning when everything was so new, it was hard to keep up.”

Despite the challenge of learning at such a fast pace, Juliet persisted and acquired the technical skills she’d set out to, demonstrated by her final capstone project. 

“For my capstone project, I analyzed OpenTable’s data to compare the number of restaurant reservations in Democratic vs Republican cities during and since COVID-19. I used Timeseries to show how politics impacted both the restaurant industry’s outcome as well as the health outcome for various cities.” 

Related Reading: Juliet’s capstone project on GitHub.

Working In The Field

Juliet graduated from Flatiron School in July 2022. By October of that same year, she’d landed her first role as a Data Consultant.

“My career coach was helpful, and I ended up getting my job through The Flatiron School’s career partnership team who recommended I apply for the position.” 

More than a year into her third career, Juliet reports a positive experience that allows her to tie in her previous ventures. 

“I work for GCOM Software and consult for the IRS in identity theft prevention where I am able to combine my criminal justice background with data,” she explained. “I’ve been here for over a year and I still love it and find it exciting every day. In some ways, it’s the law career I never had.”

While she can’t share much about her current work with the IRS, Juliet says that the learning experience she had at Flatiron School prepared her to adapt to new languages with ease. 

“A large majority of my job has been SQL-based. I’ve become much stronger in SQL in a short period of time and am proud of how I have used the skills I learned at The Flatiron to learn a new coding language on the job.” 

Reflecting On The Journey

Looking back on the path she took to Data Science, Juliet is acutely aware of the importance of data in just about every industry and recommends targeting industries you’ll truly enjoy working in. 

“Find a job in tech within an industry you’re passionate about. Whether that’s medicine or sports or food or criminal justice, data and the tech industry as a whole is integrated in almost every company, and working for an industry you’re interested in makes all the difference.” 

She’s also realized the benefits of a growth mindset, and that a career in tech means lifelong learning. 

“On the first day of the program, my instructor told us that the coding language we would use in a job five years from now doesn’t exist yet,” she recalled. “Her goal was to teach us how to learn new coding languages so that we could continue learning as technology changes (at the rapid rate it currently is). That thought has stayed with me: I need to keep learning and keep my skills up to date.”

Advice To Current Students

As for her suggestions to other students pursuing a bootcamp experience, Juliet’s guidance is practical – no matter what, persevere. 

“Hang in there! For anyone who’s tried Duolingo, you know that learning a new language is hard and most people quit at some point and never go back. You’re learning a new language, and normally several of them, in 15 weeks, and it’s not going to all make sense immediately. Go to your instructors, classmates, and the immense number of free online resources available.”

She also cautions over-reliance on Ai technologies to breeze through the program. 

“Don’t just rely on ChatGTP while in the program. It’s not always accurate and seems to be getting less accurate instead of more! So while it can be a helpful resource, you need to be able to understand the answer it is giving you to make sure it’s what you were looking for and can explain the code you used, should someone ask.”

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Need more time to be ready to apply? Try out our Free Data Science Prep Work and test-run the material we teach in the course. Or, review the Data Science Course Syllabus that will set you up for success and help launch your new career.

Read more stories about successful career changes on the Flatiron School blog.

Cognixia: JUMP-Starting Diversity In Tech

Cognixia is a training and staffing company that specializes in digital-first talent. Owned by parent company Ascendion and headquartered in Basking Ridge, NJ, the company’s global reach spans more than 55 countries and 175,000+ tech professionals, including more than 10 Flatiron School grads since 2021. With a worldwide workforce, diversity is built into the company’s DNA. But they’re not done; in 2024, Cognixia intends to continue cultivating diversity in tech. 

In partnership with Flatiron School’s Lovelace and Ford fellowship programs, Cognixia is committed to building a more diverse tech industry – one jump at a time. 

JUMP by Cognixia

The JUMP Program is Cognixia’s answer to the tech talent gap that companies across the world face – technical job openings with not enough qualified talent to fill them. JUMP is a talent pipeline that hires, trains, and deploys technical talent to work at leading companies as consultants. Talent arrives ready to work and already fully trained in the destination company’s tech stack, effectively reducing onboarding time to near zero.  

“We provide companies a customized workforce solution,” Sydney Morris, Senior Talent Development Expert, said, “while taking on the upfront costs and risks associated with traditional entry-level hiring.”

To source prospective talent for the JUMP program, Cognixia looks to recent graduates from technical schools and bootcamps – ambitious, practiced learners, and – most importantly – digital-first. A handful of Flatiron School graduates have already completed the JUMP program, and Cognixia is eager for more to join its ranks. 

“We love bringing in Flatiron grads because they come prepared with top-notch foundational knowledge,” Morris explained. “Not only are they tech-savvy with unique hands-on learning experiences, but these students are super passionate with a sense of urgency to learn along with great communication skills.”

Driving Diversity With Flatiron Fellows

With a global network of more than 175,000 professionals, Cognixia’s methods are making waves. In fact, JUMP trainees are regularly placed at desks in Fortune 500 headquarters. But, according to Samantha McKoy, also a Talent Development Expert, Cognixia is just getting started. In 2024, the company plans to double down on its commitment to diversity. 

“55% of our candidates come from a diverse background, and we recognize how essential diversity is for cultivating innovation, enhancing the learning experience, and preparing individuals for real-world challenges in the tech industry,” McKoy said. “We’re continuously evaluating and improving to ensure that our program not only produces skilled professionals but also reflects the diverse perspectives and backgrounds crucial for a thriving and inclusive technical team.”

Lovelace and Ford Fellows from Flatiron School will play a part in Cognixia’s diversity goals. The company is committed to hiring 30-50 fellows in 2024. 

“Our partnership with Flatiron is extremely valuable because of the amazing quality of their students and the entire internal team that we work with,” Morris commented. “Their grads are ready to hit the ground running when joining our classes and working with our clients.”

Ready To JUMP Ahead?

For more information on Cognixia’s JUMP Program, visit their website.  

To learn more about the Lovelace and Ford Flatiron School fellowships and how they can support the beginning of your tech career, visit the Diversity & Inclusion page.

Flatiron School Relaunches Lovelace and Ford Fellowships

There’s no getting around it – tech is a fairly homogenous industry, with women and marginalized groups underrepresented in the field. What’s more, reports show that women are leaving tech, and the tech sector overall still employs fewer people of color than other sectors of the economy.  

But we can imagine a world where the tech industry is more representative of the population it serves; where people from all walks of life are welcomed and championed to succeed. The industry is making strides toward greater inclusion, and here at Flatiron School, we are committed to doing our part. 

“Some of the most ubiquitous products and innovations have been created by people with the technical skills we teach,” Jessica Solimano, VP of Shared Services at Flatiron School said regarding the relaunch. “When the pool of people with those skills becomes more diverse, the communities these products serve – including how they’re built and who they’re built for – expands.”

As 2024 kicks off, Flatiron School is thrilled to announce the relaunching of our fellowships. Flatiron Fellowship programs celebrate and empower historically underrepresented individuals in the tech community along their journey toward professional success, and provide exclusive access to fellowship-related opportunities.

Lovelace Fellowship

The Lovelace Fellowship – launching for the first time in 2024 – celebrates current students and graduates who identify as women. The fellowship is named after Ada Lovelace, recognized as the world’s first computer programmer for her pioneering work on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine and her development of the first computer program.

Ford Fellowship

Also relaunching this year is the Ford fellowship, which celebrates students and graduates who are Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or mixed race. This fellowship is named after John Stanley Ford who was the first African American to work as a computer scientist, making significant contributions to the field while working at IBM.

Who Is Eligible For The Fellowships?

Both current Flatiron School students and Flatiron School alumni are eligible to become Lovelace or Ford fellows. Participation in the programs is voluntary, and members may self-enroll themselves at any time.

Fellow-Only Benefits

Flatiron Fellowships have a single purpose – championing the progress of underrepresented minorities in tech. To achieve this, Flatiron School is dedicated to offering monthly opportunities for fellows to make connections, enhance their skills, secure opportunities, and progress in their careers. 

Exclusive, fellow-only benefits include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Guest Speakers from our network of employer partners 
  • Skill development workshops 

Fellowship Partners

Several of our employer partners have already voiced their own support of a more diverse tech industry by committing to source, interview, and/or hire Fellows, or host custom workshops for our Fellows. Their ranks include: Cognixia, Brooksource, Accenture, FDM Group, and R/GA.

Introducing Recent Flatiron Fellows

Alyssa Essman

Alyssa Essman

Lovelace Fellow

Arantxa Abraham

Arantxa Abraham

Ford & Lovelace Fellow

Danayt Aman

Danayt Aman

Ford & Lovelace Fellow

Göknur Kaya

Goknur Kaya

Ford & Lovelace Fellow

Kacey Clougher

Kacey Clougher

Lovelace Fellow

Kari Primiano

Kari Primiano

Lovelace Fellow

Kat Tannehill

Kat Tannehill

Lovelace Fellow

Kate Bennert

Kate Bennert

Lovelace Fellow

Kendall McNeil

Kendall McNeil

Lovelace Fellow

Laura Graham

Laura Graham

Lovelace Fellow

Minchul An

Minchul An

Ford Fellow

Mytreyi Abburu

Mytreyi Abburu

Ford & Lovelace Fellow

Promise Mbachu

Promise Mbachu

Ford Fellow

Rae Stanton

Rae Stanton

Lovelace Fellow

Staci Rosales

Staci Rosales

Lovelace Fellow

Stephanie Conde

Stephanie Conde

Ford & Lovelace Fellow

Let’s Change Tech Together

Flatiron School is committed to fostering greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech, one student at a time. While we still have a long way to go, together we can work towards changing tech for the better.

Jasmine Huang: Business to Data Science

Jasmine Huang, a February 2023 Data Science graduate, spent the first decade of her career working in customer-facing roles. After attending Flatiron School, she’s finally working with what she loves – numbers and data!


Jasmine Huang’s career began in business – first earning an MBA in finance and risk management, and then working in banking, real estate, and international purchasing. Despite the technical aspects of the industries, her positions were heavily customer-facing.

“Everything I did in the past was sales and customer relationship-focused,” she said, “and I was burnt out from handling people’s problems.” 

After 12 years in similar positions, she decided to follow an interest in numbers to a new career path in Data Science. 

“I always thought I could enjoy working with data and numbers since I have always been very good with Excel,” she explained. “I wanted to enhance my analytical ability.”

Flatiron School Experience

Switching careers as a full-time working mom wouldn’t be easy though – a fact Jasmine was well aware of. The time constraints of family and employment led her to an accelerated bootcamp program, designed to expedite career changes.  

“I’m a mom of a 6-year-old boy so I don’t have much free time for myself,” she said. “Joining a bootcamp for 4 months as a full-time student was the longest I could manage. If the program lasted longer than 4 months, I don’t think I could have made it work.” 

With her eyes set on graduating in 4 months, Jasmine joined Flatiron School’s Data Science Live program. In the accelerated Live course, students attend class full-time to be ready to apply to industry roles in just 15 weeks. Like most learners, transitioning into the fast-paced program initially led to some growing pains for Jasmine. 

“Learning so much in a very short time was hard,” Jasmine admitted, “but I loved everything in the program. The projects especially were realistic and useful.”

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After completing the program in February 2023, Jasmine jumped directly into the job search – supported by her dedicated Flatiron School Career Coach.

“Job searching was definitely harder than the bootcamp,” she recalled. “It’s a full-time job to look for a job! My career coach was awesome and always there when I needed advice or interview practice. They helped me stay on track.”

A few weeks later, Jasmine landed her first position in data science as an Actuarial Data Analyst at Verus Specialty Insurance, an underwriting management company. 

Working In The Field

Coming up on 9 months in her new profession, Jasmine only has good things to report.

“I love my job as an Actuarial Data Analyst, it’s exactly what I dreamed of.”

She’s also had the opportunity to leverage her previous experience in her new career.

“With my background in Insurance and the new skills learned in the bootcamp, I made a project to provide a solution to solve a real business problem from a unique point of view.”

Reflecting On Her Journey

Looking back on her career path so far, Jasmine’s main takeaway is the importance of using the tools at one’s disposal to problem solve.

“The bootcamp taught me how to find answers on my own,” she said. “Knowing how to google and what to look for is the key to success!”

As for her advice to current Flatiron students, Jasmine recommends leaning on available resources during the job search. 

“Graduating from the bootcamp is easier than you think. The hard part is to find a job you like. If you follow Flatiron’s instructions and guidance and work hard, you will definitely find a job close enough to your dream job. It will all be worth it!”

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Milena Afeworki: Civil Engineering to Data Science

Milena Afeworki, a September 2021 Data Science graduate from Flatiron School, began her career as a civil engineer in Northeast Africa. Now, she is living in California and thriving as a Data Scientist.


Milena Afeworki began her career in Eritrea, a country in the Northeast of Africa on the coast of the Red Sea. She earned a Civil Engineering degree from the Eritrean Institute of Technology, joining a consulting and engineering firm after graduation where she explored her interest in mathematics and data visualization. 

“I began as a Structural Civil Engineer, working on Infrastructure design projects in various sectors, including public, and NGO initiatives,” she explained. “I was passionate about solving problems using mathematical analysis, design, and visualization which was my main reason for choosing the field in the first place.” 

But, 5 years and a move to the USA later, she saw just how big an impact data could have on the world – and she wanted to be a part of it. 

“After moving to the US my network grew, I learned more and was captured by the beauty of how much data was behind the projects being launched,” she said. “I wanted to be part of the bigger determining factor that drives the decisions of projects that are set in motion.” 

Though many would consider Civil Engineering and Data Science completely unrelated, Milena says there is a thread of logic that weaves the disciplines together.

“There is a lot of similarity between the two fields. Both aim to solve engineering problems by optimizing processes and resources,” she explained. “Moreover, resolving intricate engineering problems and presenting the outcomes through impactful visualizations to offer valuable insights to guide business strategies interested me more.” 

Bootcamp Experience

Despite the similarity of logic used in both the fields of engineering and data science, the tools used differed significantly. Making the transition between fields would require Milena to expand her skill set to include Python, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. To expedite her learning process, she turned to a Data Science bootcamp – specifically, to Flatiron School.

“Flatiron School was first my choice because of its reputable Data Science program and structured career coaching,” she recalled. “I wanted to gain hands-on skills and practical experience in designing and building data science projects applying Machine learning tools. The program’s curriculum, which covered relevant tools, languages, and frameworks, aligned with my career goals.”

With her goals set, Milena enrolled in Flatiron School’s Data Science Live program. A full-time, immersive course designed to teach students the data science fundamentals they need to enter the industry, the program moves quickly over 15 weeks of instruction. Milena remembers initially struggling with the accelerated pace of learning. 

“Understanding the intricacies of data science in a fast-paced learning environment [was challenging]. Handling large volumes of data efficiently and effectively required a deep understanding of various tools and techniques,” she explained. “Given the program’s demanding nature, I occasionally encountered frustration when confronted with obstacles, but such moments ultimately pushed me to persistently seek solutions.”

Unsurprisingly, Milena’s favorite part of the program was what drew her to the field initially – seeing, and being part of, projects with impact. 

“My favorite part of the program was working on real-world assignments. These projects simulated the challenges that Data Scientists face in the industry, allowing me to apply the concepts I learned, incorporating my previous experience and enhancing my problem-solving skills.” 

Job Search

Milena graduated in September 2021 and began the job search, supported by her dedicated Flatiron School Career Coach. 

“My career coach played a crucial role in providing guidance on crafting my resume, preparing for interviews, and expanding my network,” she recalled. “I owe my interviewing skills and networking skills to my coach, without whom it would have been difficult.”

Ultimately, Milena accepted a Data Integration Engineer position, which she thanks her Career Coach for helping her land. 

“Her professional insights and emotional support helped me navigate the competitive job market and ultimately secure my first Data Engineering role.” 

Working In The Field

When we spoke with Milena, she’d been working at her company for 1.5 years and had received a promotion to Data Analyst. Her experiences in the field, she said, have been exactly what she hoped for. 

“Working in the field of data engineering has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. The opportunity to work with cutting-edge tools and technologies to solve complex data challenges is fulfilling and aligns well with my passion for creating efficient data solutions,” she explained. “Overall, I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey as a data engineer, and I’m excited to see where my career leads.”

She is also particularly proud of a project she worked on that tied back to her original career in civil engineering, examined through the lens of data science. 

“I designed and implemented a Classification Model on the Structural condition of Bridges in the US, using climate data from NASA and bridge records from the Department of Transportation. The purpose of the project was intended for the bridge management system to be capable of accurately predicting future bridge conditions and help make an informed decision on when and where to allocate maintenance budgets.”

Visit Milena’s LinkedIn page to see what else she’s up to. 

Reflecting On Her Journey

Looking back on where she began, a career and a continent ago, Milena credits her adaptability for her success in pivoting professions by way of a bootcamp. 

“The most significant lesson I gained from my time at Flatiron School was developing the skill to thrive in uncertain and ambiguous scenarios,” she said. “I’ve come to view these situations as valuable opportunities for me to inquire, observe, learn, and embrace mistakes, all of which contributed to my growth beyond my initial capabilities.”

But, remembering the challenges she experienced at the beginning of her program, she recommends that future students just keep moving forward and working at the material, even if it feels impossible at first.

“Expect a learning curve where immediate progress might not be apparent. But keep persisting, and once those skills take root, you’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come.”

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