Diversity & Inclusion

At Flatiron School we believe in bringing more diversity to the tech industry to make it a better, more inclusive place.

Our Vision for

Diversity in Tech

Build a diverse, inclusive tech community together. 

We believe if you’re willing to work hard, you’re capable of breakthroughs. No matter if you’re financially strained, part of an underrepresented community, or intimidated by the thought of launching a new career — you have the potential.

Flatiron School Diversity Initiatives

Advocating for gender equality in tech

We work tirelessly to empower women in tech and break down obstacles to a new career. Our Women Take Tech Scholarship was created to encourage more women to take control of their careers and get started in tech. 

flatiron students working towards gender equality in tech

Scholarships to support diversity and access

We are committed to making life-changing education possible for individuals no matter their background. Our Women Take Tech and Access Scholarships make change possible.   

diverse group of flatiron students in classroom lecture

Job partnerships to promote access

The John Stanley Ford Fellowship supports the advancement of Black tech professionals by partnering with companies to offer apprenticeships and sponsorships.

flatiron school students accessing scholarship information

Be part of a supportive community

At Flatiron School, community is at the heart of what we do. Students often say the support of their cohort was critical to their success. From one-on-ones with instructors to study groups, campus events, individual career coaches, and slack channels, we are invested in your success.

To promote community among our staff members, we have affinity groups — Women, Black, Veterans, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), and LGBTQIA+, to name a few — where staff can share a common identity or experience to support growth. Whether that’s to drive change, create space, or solve business issues at Flatiron School, there’s a community for everyone.

diverse group of flatiron school community students

What does diversity & inclusion look like for employees at Flatiron School?

We advocate empowerment for women and other underrepresented groups in tech, but it wouldn’t stand for much if we didn’t practice what we preach. At Flatiron School, we embody our mission. We work everyday to cultivate an environment that promotes diverse thoughts, ideas, and solutions.


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