Our courses

From free introductory lessons to immersive bootcamp courses, get the skills you need to power your career change at Flatiron School. Courses are available on-campus and online.

Our courses

Software Engineering

Launch your career as a full-stack web developer with our proven curriculum, passionate instructors, and driven student community.

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Data Science

Our data science program gives students the breadth and depth needed to become well-rounded data scientists and enter one of the tech industry’s most coveted sectors.

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Cybersecurity Engineering

Launch into one of the top fastest-growing jobs with a career in cybersecurity engineering. Elevate your skills and learn to defend against real-world cyber threats. 

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Product Design

Start a career in product design and learn the UX/UI design, technical, and research skills to be successful.

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Learning options to suit your lifestyle

Students at Flatiron School #changethings. They want more from their careers and are willing to hustle to make it happen. Some like lots of structure and live learning. Others need to fit learning into their already-busy schedule. No matter which one you are, we have a learning option to fit your life. 

What learning pace works best for you: full-time or need more flexibility? We all have different learning styles and schedules. You can complete our full-time option in 15 weeks, while our flexible program options are suited for anyone who plans to learn at their own pace. 

Flex programs are available (for some programs) in 20, 40, or 60 weeks. Plus, for even more flexibility, you can change the pace at any point to fit the unique needs of your schedule.

Full-Time Flexible

Learn full-time.

Think of this one as the fast-track schedule with lots of accountability. You’ll attend live lectures and work on projects both solo and with others from your cohort.

Learn at your own pace.

Think of this one as working with your already-busy schedule. Flexibility is the name of the game here. It’s the same curriculum as our full-time program, but you set the pace.

How long? 12–15 weeks 20, 40, or 60 weeks
Daily schedule: 9 hours/day, M–F
(including lunch and breaks)
Set your own schedule & work independently. Sign up for optional study groups or 1:1s with an instructor.
Best for: Students that want to lean into live lectures, a structured schedule, and learning in community with other students. Working professionals that need to fit class into their already-busy schedule. Choose the pace that works best for your life.
Campus Access? Yes* Yes*
Online Access? Yes Yes

Free introductory lessons

Our workshops are designed to teach you the basics and prepare you to ace admissions and hit the ground running at today’s top bootcamps.

Try Coding for Free

The most effective way to get the skills you need to get into the most selective coding bootcamps — Flatiron School included.

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Try Data Science for Free

Learn Python, word clouds, and more as you introduce yourself to the world of data science.

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Try Cybersecurity for Free

Dig into the basics of cybersecurity, including virtualization, cryptography, and phishing.

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Try Product Design for Free

Begin your product design journey with intro lessons into design thinking, UX/UI design, and HTML & CSS.

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