Cognixia: JUMP-Starting Diversity In Tech


In partnership with Flatiron School’s Lovelace and Ford fellowships, Cognixia is committed to building a more diverse tech industry – one jump at a time. 

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Cognixia is a training and staffing company that specializes in digital-first talent. Owned by parent company Ascendion and headquartered in Basking Ridge, NJ, the company’s global reach spans more than 55 countries and 175,000+ tech professionals, including more than 10 Flatiron School grads since 2021. With a worldwide workforce, diversity is built into the company’s DNA. But they’re not done; in 2024, Cognixia intends to continue cultivating diversity in tech. 

In partnership with Flatiron School’s Lovelace and Ford fellowship programs, Cognixia is committed to building a more diverse tech industry – one jump at a time. 

JUMP by Cognixia

The JUMP Program is Cognixia’s answer to the tech talent gap that companies across the world face – technical job openings with not enough qualified talent to fill them. JUMP is a talent pipeline that hires, trains, and deploys technical talent to work at leading companies as consultants. Talent arrives ready to work and already fully trained in the destination company’s tech stack, effectively reducing onboarding time to near zero.  

“We provide companies a customized workforce solution,” Sydney Morris, Senior Talent Development Expert, said, “while taking on the upfront costs and risks associated with traditional entry-level hiring.”

To source prospective talent for the JUMP program, Cognixia looks to recent graduates from technical schools and bootcamps – ambitious, practiced learners, and – most importantly – digital-first. A handful of Flatiron School graduates have already completed the JUMP program, and Cognixia is eager for more to join its ranks. 

“We love bringing in Flatiron grads because they come prepared with top-notch foundational knowledge,” Morris explained. “Not only are they tech-savvy with unique hands-on learning experiences, but these students are super passionate with a sense of urgency to learn along with great communication skills.”

Driving Diversity With Flatiron Fellows

With a global network of more than 175,000 professionals, Cognixia’s methods are making waves. In fact, JUMP trainees are regularly placed at desks in Fortune 500 headquarters. But, according to Samantha McKoy, also a Talent Development Expert, Cognixia is just getting started. In 2024, the company plans to double down on its commitment to diversity. 

“55% of our candidates come from a diverse background, and we recognize how essential diversity is for cultivating innovation, enhancing the learning experience, and preparing individuals for real-world challenges in the tech industry,” McKoy said. “We’re continuously evaluating and improving to ensure that our program not only produces skilled professionals but also reflects the diverse perspectives and backgrounds crucial for a thriving and inclusive technical team.”

Lovelace and Ford Fellows from Flatiron School will play a part in Cognixia’s diversity goals. The company is committed to hiring 30-50 fellows in 2024. 

“Our partnership with Flatiron is extremely valuable because of the amazing quality of their students and the entire internal team that we work with,” Morris commented. “Their grads are ready to hit the ground running when joining our classes and working with our clients.”

Ready To JUMP Ahead?

For more information on Cognixia’s JUMP Program, visit their website.  

To learn more about the Lovelace and Ford Flatiron School fellowships and how they can support the beginning of your tech career, visit the Diversity & Inclusion page.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of January 23, 2024. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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