Invest in your team today to unlock their superpowers of tomorrow. Prepare your business for the future of work through community, collaboration, and connection facilitated by a global learning experience of 21st-century tech skills.

Who we are

In 2012, Flatiron School disrupted the education industry by combining a rigorous curriculum and passionate instructors with a money-back guarantee. As part of our acquisition by WeWork in 2017, Flatiron School is now applying its life-changing program to the enterprise marketplace so that companies can unlock the superpowers found in each of their employees. Each year we publish job-placement data, leading the industry in outcomes with 100% audited transparency.

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Build a consistent, diverse pipeline of skilled, technical talent via Flatiron School graduates while integrating a seamless onboarding experience.

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Empower your employees with tech upskilling & retraining programs that align with company goals while identifying and solving real business challenges

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Provide coaching & job support for employees exiting the company.

What we believe in

Building community

Join a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders in the WeWork Global Community. Gain global access to 600+ WeWork locations for your employees to learn and connect with 500,000+ global WeWork members.

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Engage, inspire and build your employee’s talents with skills-based training from our full-time expert instructors. Our proprietary LMS, Learn.co, lets your employees work together during labs, paired programming, study groups, and more—supporting team collaboration and professional growth. 


Your human resources department will receive a consistent and cohesive talent management strategy. Invest wisely in recruiting, training, and filling vacancies to maximize efficiency and support growth. 

Our specialties

Given the ever-changing technology landscape the needs of the corporate workforce are rarely static. That’s why Flatiron School’s enterprise curriculum is dynamic and expanding to match the needs of employees and employers around the globe. If your company is looking to increase the impact of its existing employees or prepare new and existing employees for a brand new role we can help. 

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Software Engineering

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, React, SQL, HTML, CSS

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Data Science

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Python, Pandas, Spark

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UX/UI Design

Prototyping, Photoshop, mockups, personas, wireframing, Illustrator

Our mission

We help companies invest in their teams today to unlock their growth potential for a bigger tomorrow.