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To find and retain top tech talent, you need a deep understanding of what this unique community values. Flatiron School knows tech talent because we’ve been training them for the last decade. 

Trust us to build out your tech dream team.  

We’ll Build Your Dream Team

Most organizations look for tech talent in the wrong places. Traditional recruiting methods, such as pulling from Universities, career fairs, or job boards like LinkedIn won’t get you top talent. Flatiron School knows tech talent inside out, and we know where to look for the best of the best.

Whether you’re sourcing dozens of entry-level positions or looking for a few senior candidates, we’ll find the right fit.

Hire & Train

We recruit and onboard highly qualified tech talent quickly and at scale. Solve two complex problems with one simple program.

At the end of the program, organizations will walk away with fully trained new hires ready to hit the ground running on day one – everyone level set with the same base knowledge, no further technical onboarding required.


Tech talent is a tight-knit, unique group. Organizations often struggle with finding and retaining them, especially at scale.

We’ve been training tech talent for 10+ years – we know them inside out. Whether you need to fill one role six months from now or 100 roles within the next 30 days, we know where to look for the best of the best.

J.P. Morgan
New York Times

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