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Free Tech Prep from Flatiron School

Our free tech prep courses are designed to prepare you for the admissions process as well as to hit the ground running in one of Flatiron School’s popular bootcamps.  

Learn coding for free at Flatiron School

Explore your future in tech

Our free software engineering prep is designed to teach you some foundational concepts for your future tech career. Take a free lesson to see if the topic excites you enough to pursue a new career.

Prepare for a coding bootcamp

Our free lessons will give you an intro to what it would be like to learn at Flatiron School. These free lessons will help you prepare for day one of bootcamp.
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Learn Software Engineering for free

Our free Software Engineering prep is a great way to start coding. You’ll get hands-on experience with HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Git and more. Plus you’ll see what it’s like to learn in our coding bootcamp.

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Learn Data Science for free

Try our free Data Science prep to begin your journey towards a tech career. You will learn about interpreting and manipulating data, why it’s important, and how these skills are used to help organizations.

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Learn Cybersecurity for free

Our free Cybersecurity Engineering prep is a great starting point to learn more about cybersecurity, why it’s important, and how it helps prevent and identify malicious attacks from happening.

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Learn UX / UI Product Design for free

Our free UX / UI Product Design prep is focused on digital product design — the development and maintenance of products that exist in digital spaces, such as websites and mobile applications.


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