Back to School Supply Drive

While we may still be in the heat of summer, students will be going back to school before you know it – just check out your local stores, there are already displays full of folders, backpacks, and pencil holders! 

That’s why, as students across the country think about heading back to school, we felt inspired to find a meaningful way to give back to those who are teaching the tech talent of the future. We’ve compiled a list of teacher wishlists, each representing an opportunity to make a positive impact on their classrooms. Help fulfill their wishes and create a brighter future for our aspiring tech leaders! Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these extraordinary educators and the students they teach.

Wish Lists

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Are you ready to get back to school? Apply today, and you can be on your way to a new career in tech!

Flatiron School Launches Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Enhancements For Students

Enhancements teach students how to effectively leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Flatiron School is excited to announce that we’ve launched curriculum enhancements designed to teach students how to leverage powerful, emerging artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

The curriculum enhancements affect each of our four disciplines – software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and UX / UI product design – and come at a time where AI requirements are increasingly appearing in job descriptions. For the past 10 years, we have been committed to keeping our curriculum modern, aligning with the ever-evolving tech landscape. Now, as new AI tools emerge, we continue to lead tech education in providing students with the skills needed to thrive in today’s job market.  

“Even as AI reshapes the industry, we expect demand for tech talent to remain strong,” said Kate Cassino, Flatiron School CEO. “The most competitive talent will have the skills needed to unlock the full potential of AI, and that’s why now is the time to invest in our students. Our latest curriculum enhancements empower students with the skills needed to not only excel in an evolving job market, but also to advance the future of tech through innovation.”

Curriculum Enhancements

The enhancements cover topics such as machine learning, natural language processing, and prompt engineering. Students will learn how to use generative AI as a research tool, effectively communicate with AI chatbots, build AI models, and leverage machine learning for testing.

Curriculum enhancements include:

  • Software Engineering. Discover how AI can help with code debugging, enable code completion, and integrate AI features into apps. Students will also learn prompt engineering and how to successfully correspond with chatbots.
  • Data Science. Learn the fundamentals of AI theory, including concepts such as data leakage, overfitting, and regularization. Students will also learn scikit-learn (a popular AI library for Python programming language) as well as how to build AI models for text data (also known as natural language processing, or NLP). 
  • Cybersecurity. Gain experience leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) for threat intelligence feeds, vulnerability and penetration testing, and detecting anomalous and behavioral events. Students will also learn how bad actors could leverage AI to crack encryption.
  • UX / UI Product Design. Explore how to co-create with AI for inspiration, as well as how to analyze potential biases in AI-generated design solutions. Students will also learn about the implications of AI on intellectual property, how to develop user journeys with generative AI, and how to use NLP to automate identification of patterns in user data.

Taught by instructors with real-world experience, our courses are offered online or in-person on New York City or Denver campuses. Students can choose full-time or part-time programs, which are paced between 15 and 60 weeks. Upon graduation, we provide up to 180 days of 1-on-1 career coaching. 

To learn more about our curriculum enhancements for students, please click here.

Flatiron School Launches New Artificial Intelligence Training Programs

Today we’re excited to announce our new portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) training programs, designed to empower workforces with the expertise required to leverage powerful, emerging AI tools.

We’re leading the way with our new AI training programs, building on our track record of high quality training that meets the industry’s evolving needs. The programs are all instructor-led for optimal learning experience and cover topics such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and data science.

“Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving and for organizations across the globe it’s now a necessity to stay competitive. Through engaging lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, learners will discover how to implement AI-driven solutions that have the potential to revolutionize their businesses,” said Pete Barth, Chief Product Officer.

Program Overview

Our new programs are designed based on feedback from Fortune 100 organizations and provide fluency as well as the latest AI skills to technical and non-technical learners alike. All programs can be tailored to fit the needs of any organization, such as incorporating specific industry examples, in-person or online instruction, and more immersive offerings. New programs include:

  • Detecting Cybersecurity Threats With AI. Learn how to protect and mitigate against emerging threats created by AI products. This four-hour program also covers NLP in threat intelligence as well as uncovering hidden patterns with machine learning.
  • Prompt Engineering Basics. Discover how to design, evaluate, and refine prompt solutions for ChatGPT. After eight hours, learners will have a deep understanding on how to get effective results from generative AI tools.
  • Build & Deploy AI Applications. Build and deploy an AI application, including data preprocessing, model development, and deployment. This 40-hour program also covers deep learning and natural language processing.
  • AI Strategy for Business Leaders. Develop a baseline understanding of the concepts needed to move organizations towards AI adoption. During the 12-hour program, leaders will hear use cases in their functional areas as well as learn how to create persuasive presentations when advocating for AI throughout their departments.

“AI is transforming how organizations operate and provide services to their clients, creating the way for new opportunities and growth,” said Nancy Ziser, EVP Enterprise Partnerships.  “Our new training programs will quickly give organizations the latest, cutting edge skills needed to thrive in the evolving AI landscape.” 

To learn more about our Enterprise AI programs, please click here

Amazon Career Choice X Flatiron School Partnership

Amazon’s Career Choice program empowers its employees by providing them access to the education and training needed to grow their careers at Amazon and beyond.

In the U.S., the company will invest $1.2 billion to upskill more than 300,000 employees by 2025 to help move them into higher-paying, in-demand jobs. For this investment, Amazon selected Flatiron School as one of its education partners to develop a customized technical training program for its hourly employees to help them access better-paying, skilled positions in software engineering, cybersecurity, and other tech fields.

The Challenge

Amazon has been rapidly growing its workforce over the past several years to meet increasing demand, hiring hundreds of thousands of front-line employees across the U.S.

As a company, Amazon believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills and build their career. A job with Amazon may be a springboard into a long-term career in another field, so they want to provide the training employees need to grow their careers.

In addition to the coursework and classes, they are focused on outcomes for employees, providing them with support services throughout their education and career journey. They want partners who share this focus on outcomes.

Why Amazon Selected Flatiron School

Since the first cohort in 2021, Flatiron School has offered the technical and instructional expertise, program design experience, job-placement track record, and ability to deliver at the scale that Amazon needed for the Career Choice programs.

This is why Amazon has partnered with Flatiron School to develop curriculum programs across cybersecurity, software development, data analytics, and web development for nine cohorts and counting. 

Amazon’s Challenge

With demand for tech workers soaring, Amazon wanted to offer transformative technical programs, with strong job placement outcomes, as part of Career Choice. Amazon needed a partner with the ability to both teach in-demand technical skills and drive high job placement rates.

Flatiron School’s Solution

Scalable, Customized Courses Paired with A Proven Job-Placement Approach

  1. Flatiron School developed six part-time, customized tech programs for Amazon employees to drive deep technical learning. 
  2. All programs were 32 weeks and provided students with the flexibility to learn new skills…
  3. …while still working full-time, dedicating 12-15 hours per week to the program.

The Results

During the first year of the partnership, 270 Amazon employees from across 38 fulfillment centers used their Career Choice benefits to become Software Engineers and Cybersecurity Analysts.

The Amazon Career Choice program also increased warehouse worker tenure, retention, and employee satisfaction.

The inaugural cohort wrapped up in October 2021. Within less than a week of graduation, two Amazon employees had already landed jobs in tech, with significant increases to their salaries. Because of its success and the benefits they saw with the program, Amazon expanded the program in 2022 and internationally for 2023, enrolling over 800 Amazon Associates each year.

In 2023, 9 cohorts across Amazon Cybersecurity Analytics, Amazon Data Analytics, Amazon Software Development, and Amazon Web Development have been developed.

For more information on the Amazon Career Choice program, visit the program application page.