Flatiron School: New York City Campus

Start your tech career with award-winning bootcamp courses at Flatiron School’s NYC campus.

Join our community in New York City.

Our Manhattan campus is our flagship location and is home to a supportive learning community that will keep you inspired and motivated to reach your goals. Whether you choose our NYC coding bootcamp or study data science, cybersecurity, or product design — if you have the right dedication and discipline, you can learn the skills you need to launch a tech career.  

The best part of it all? You’re learning in a city that is home to incredible tech opportunities — and they’re all looking for new talent.

Average Starting Salary


  • For job-seeking Manhattan students who accepted full-time salaried jobs during the reporting period and disclosed their compensation.
  • The average starting salary for students who took full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, or freelance roles and disclosed compensation was $35/hr.
  • Average pay for a part-time role was $24/hr

Check out the results in our jobs report that was examined by an independent third party.

Challenge yourself with a New York City bootcamp

The Flatiron Family is home to hundreds of students in the New York area who have taken the opportunity to genuinely transform their lives in a meaningful way.

Many of our grads have gone on to launch high-paying and high-profile careers at some of the most well-known technology companies in the world.

Where our grads work…

Where we are located

New York City Campus

11 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10004
(888) 958-0569

Upcoming Start Dates

A demanding schedule doesn’t have to stop you from career transformation. Both our full-time and flexible pace options empower you to switch careers, and all you have to do is choose a start date that works best for your schedule.

Course Dates
Start Date Pace Length Location Courses Status
February 21, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Software Engineering Closing Soon Apply
February 21, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Data Science Closing Soon Apply
March 14, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Product Design Open Apply
April 4, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Software Engineering Open Apply
April 4, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Data Science Open Apply
April 25, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Product Design Open Apply
May 16, 2022 Flexible 15 weeks New York City Cybersecurity Open Apply
August 8, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Cybersecurity Open Apply
September 19, 2022 Full-Time 15 weeks New York City Cybersecurity Open Apply

Our New York Bootcamp Courses

Product Design

Product Design

The product design program at Flatiron School focuses on digital product design — designing digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and computer programs.

Explore Product Design


Become a cybersecurity engineer so you can help companies and organizations of all sizes protect data from getting stolen, hacked, leaked, or damaged.

Explore Cybersecurity
Data Science

Data Science

Become a data scientist to help businesses leverage data, analyze data, and provide data-driven insights so businesses can make informed decisions.

Explore Data Science
Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Become a software engineer to help businesses develop software, build web apps, and products that will help shape the future of the company.

Explore Software Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flatiron School is an accelerated tech school that teaches you the skills you need to become a software engineer, data scientist, cybersecurity engineer, or product designer. We publish annual Jobs Reports and provide comprehensive Career Services so you know you’re getting a top-notch opportunity to change your career and your future.

Our full-time students in the live program graduate in 15 weeks. Flex students can graduate anywhere from 20 to 60 weeks, depending on the program you choose.

We are continuously evaluating our curriculum across all programs to ensure that it is current and relevant for today’s job marketplace.

It is mandatory for students to be logged on Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM or 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (depending on your cohort, including lunch and breaks). During these hours, students attend lectures, work on projects and assignments. In addition to the required hours, most students will need to spend additional time on nights and weekends to complete the work and fully understand the material. Students should expect to devote at least 20 hours a week outside of their classroom commitment to the program – including online hours and additional work at home. Students find it extremely difficult to have any other commitments during their studies, such as a part-time job.

The first step is to fill out a written application. Once you submit your application, you will hear back from our Admissions team regarding next steps. If your application moves forward, you will be invited to schedule a video call with a member of the Admissions team to better understand your learning needs, career goals, and whether the program is the right fit for you. Students may be required to complete an assessment as a part of the admissions process. After a technical interview, you will receive an Admissions decision within a few business days.

We do not require you to have prior experience to apply for any of our programs. Our admissions requirements are being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma or a GED,  having a native or bilingual fluency in English, passing the admission interview(s), and completing any required pre-work.