Anslie Brant: From Nanny to Operations Analyst

Anslie Brant

“I went from being a nanny with no corporate experience to working a technical role in a fintech corporation.”

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Anslie Brant (she/they) is a recent Flatiron School graduate who just landed their dream job in the tech industry! Their story is one of determination, resilience, and the power of finding the right educational path. In this blog, we’ll follow Anslie’s journey, from their pre-Flatiron experience to their exciting new role in the tech world, all through their own words.

Before Flatiron: What were you doing and why did you decide to switch gears?

Anslie, like many others, found themselves navigating the twists and turns of life’s path. “I was a computer science student at university,” she explained, but due to various circumstances, Anslie wasn’t able to finish their degree. This led to a period of working odd jobs, facing the insecurity that often comes with such positions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the desire for a tech career never faded. “I knew I still wanted to pursue software development [and the] tech field in general,” Anslie says. Finding stable work as a nanny provided the space to explore different options. Inspired by friends who had successfully transitioned into tech through bootcamps, Anslie began researching this route. She discovered a passion for full-stack development, a field that allows Anslie to “combine my creative side and analytical side to be a well-rounded front- and back-end developer.”

Anslie’s story reflects a common thread among those drawn to tech careers: a lifelong fascination with technology. “I began playing video games early in life,” they share, “and this interest just never stopped.” Building their own PC for various purposes – work, education, and even streaming – solidified their desire to be part of the tech world.

During Flatiron: What surprised you most about yourself and the learning process during your time at Flatiron School?

Having had a taste of computer science in college, Anslie knew the traditional university route wasn’t the right fit. “I wanted to learn HOW to code and apply it,” they explain, “and in college, I hadn’t even gotten my hands on real-life applications yet.” Flatiron School offered a different approach, one that emphasized practical application and real-world skills.

Anslie’s journey at Flatiron School wasn’t without its challenges. However, their story highlights Flatiron’s focus on student success. Anslie reflects positively on the supportive Admissions experience and even received a scholarship. “The fact there was a scholarship option for Women in STEM as well as based on financial need was enticing,” they say.

Looking back, Anslie is most proud of simply graduating. “I was very disappointed in not finishing the traditional university route,” they confess. Flatiron provided the opportunity to overcome that disappointment and achieve their goals. “I was able to jump right in, gain real industry experience, and get my foot in the door of tech in a very tough state at the moment.”

After Flatiron: What are you most proud of in your new tech career?

With grit and determination, Anslie Brant landed a role as an Operations Analyst at TSYS Global Payments. “I am very proud to have landed a tech-adjacent role for a fintech company,” Anslie says. This new role offers not only amazing benefits and growth opportunities but also a significant increase in income.

The job search process wasn’t easy. It took four months of dedicated effort, “never stopping networking, cold messaging on LinkedIn, sending applications to all kinds of tech jobs, and practicing interview questions,” as Anslie describes it. Their perseverance paid off, and they landed a coveted position in a competitive industry.

The transformation is remarkable. “I went from being a nanny with past experience in food service, retail, and hospitality, with no corporate experience, to working a technical role in a fintech corporation,” Anslie reflects. They attribute their success not only to their own hard work but also to Flatiron School and Career Coach, Raffi Sarafian. “I was complimented on my etiquette and professionalism in my interviews which I can only attribute to my Coach and resources provided by Flatiron as I genuinely had not a clue!”


Anslie’s story is a testament to the power of finding the right educational path and the transformative potential of Flatiron School’s immersive bootcamp. 

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