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We wrote the book on how to get a job after a bootcamp — literally. Flatiron School students work 1:1 with a dedicated career coach on interview best practices and successful job-search approaches to insure they have unparalleled support while breaking into the data science market.

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Change careers with confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee: if you don’t receive a job offer within six months of graduation, we’ll fully refund your course tuition. That way your success is our success. (See eligibility terms.)

Industry-Vetted Curriculum

Led by best-in-class instructors, Flatiron students learn the latest practices in today’s data science topics. From Python to Machine Learning, our curriculum is designed to equip students with the depth and breadth needed to become well-rounded data scientists.

Inspiring Campus & Community

Steps away from the White House, our Washington, D.C. campus is an accessible and ideal location to learn from on your data science journey. Join a diverse community as you study and learn in-person together.

Curriculum & Program Experience

What you’ll learn


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This program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to get a job as a data scientist – which requires a mix of software engineering, statistical understanding, and the ability to apply both skills in new and challenging domains. Our pedagogy ensures not only job readiness for today’s data science market, but the aptitude to continue learning and stay relevant into the future.


Our program moves quickly and Flatiron’s passionate students embrace that challenge. While no experience is necessary to apply, we require students to demonstrate some data science knowledge prior to getting admitted and to complete a prework course before Day 1. To help students prepare for our bootcamp, we provide a free introductory course. This ensures students come in prepared and are able to keep pace with the class.

Students will gain an overview of the skills required to be a Data Scientist: data gathering and cleaning, analysis using probability and summary statistics, and data visualization. Fundamental concepts in programming using Python and SQL will be covered, along with functions and object orientation, writing,  scraping, and regular expressions.


  • A solid foundation in cleaning and gathering data with Python, Pandas, and SQL
  • Understanding of how to go from problem requirements to actionable steps with issue trees and experimental design

Building on the data exploration and analysis of the first three weeks, students will go deeper by learning Bayesian and Frequentist statistics. Students will go into regression analysis, learning about linear and logistic regression, and how to build regression models — including how to solve linear regression with gradient descent.


  • Understanding of the difference between Frequentist and Bayesian, and how to apply each
  • Ability to build and validate regression models
  • Ability to best fit a linear regression to sample data using ordinary least squares, and apply gradient descent to ordinary least squares

Students will move into supervised learning, non-parametric algorithms like k-nearest-neighbors and support vector machines.  Introduction to threading and multiprocessing to work with big data will be covered — in doing so, students will learn about Apache Spark and Apache Spark on AWS.

Students will also learn about decision tree learning and how it can be applied to classification and regression tree analysis, as well as how to conduct time series analysis using Pandas.


  • Ability to use disparate large data sets to build classification engines

Students will move to unsupervised learning, how to simplify their machine learning models, and how to accommodate for imbalanced data. Building recommender algorithms using collaborative filtering, matrix decomposition, clustering, and deep learning approaches will also be covered.


  • A deep understanding of unsupervised techniques and how to implement supervised or unsupervised learning techniques to build recommender systems

Students will work on and complete a solo final project as an opportunity to review and push deeper into the material covered in the previous modules.  Along the way, coursework will emphasize project management techniques in data science, as well as presenting and communicating a data science project to a non-technical audience.


How to construct a project that gathers, explores, builds statistical or machine learning models to deliver insights and communicate findings with data visualization and storytelling techniques.

Career Services

Our Career Services team has helped over 1,200 students secure positions via a proven framework for job-seeking, and a team of Career Coaches and Employer Partnerships advocates who work with and on behalf of our students and grads. When it’s time to prepare for the job search, students work one-on-one with a dedicated Career Coach to build the collateral and skills they’ll need to succeed — including resume creation, crafting a narrative about your journey into data science, counseling on how to open conversations with employers, and practice interviews to hone your networking and interviewing skills.

Alumni Community

Graduates join an active network of successful data scientists and software engineers. For Flatiron alumni, engaging with our community doesn’t stop at graduation.

Lifelong Learning

Flatiron School alumni gain lifetime access to additional curricula on Learn.co:

  • Bootcamp Prep for full-stack web development
  • Computer Science in Java
Why Data Science?

Create change through data-driven insights

More than ever before, industries, businesses, and non-profits are capturing data on a variety of behaviors and trends. Without data science, this information stays stuck — without a story to tell or insights to share.

In order to shape policy and determine business goals, more and more organizations are looking to data scientists to fill in the gaps and find opportunities never before considered.

Over the last 4 years, the rise of job opportunities for Data Scientists has become almost level to those traditionally seen for Software Engineering positions.

Growth in Data Science Jobs Since 2012


Not only are data scientist jobs increasing, but so are the various specialities under their umbrellas. After completing our Seattle Data Science Bootcamp, students will not only be able to secure a job as a data scientist, but can also consider pursuing any of the following related positions:

  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Back-End Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing

“Data Science is leading the way in changing how people and businesses make decisions. With that in mind, we’ve developed a curriculum that teaches the skills necessary for the field, but also creates an environment that cultivates the curiosity all great data storytellers share.”

Joe Burgess

Joe Burgess

VP, Education
Student Projects

A portfolio designed to get you a job

At Flatiron School, students learn by building. They come away with an advanced Portfolio Project to, which provides the opportunity to demonstrate their technical expertise to future employers and to have their first real big-data experience under their belt.

Active Github Profile

GitHub is the modern source of technical resumes. Students push every line of code they write at Flatiron School to GitHub through our proprietary platform, Learn.co, giving them an extensive profile to show employers and fellow data scientists.

Technical Presentation

Students build their credibility as data scientists and immerse themselves by attending — and challenging themselves to present — at Flatiron School campus events.

Final projects will be unique for each student-pairing and determined in partnership with their instructor. Specifically, projects are required to have the following items to meet the minimum bar of difficulty:

  • Retrieve data from outside sources  and organize data using Python
  • Organize data into at least three different tables or equivalent grouping
  • Explore data and write down multiple hypotheses for data, and write proposal to use subset of algorithms to analyze the data
  • Building machine learning API that outputs results of analysis
  • Use big data for at least one aspect of the project
  • Present techniques and conclusions about approach and analysis in write up

Examples of final projects could be building a better search engine for a travel site (such as Airbnb or Kayak) or an examination of a global interest utilizing data visualization and topic modeling.

Meet your teachers

Meet your teachers

We take teaching seriously. We always have since we launched in 2012. Great teachers inspire us to understand topics on a profound level. With experience both in the field and in the classroom, our data science instructors are dedicated and thorough. Simply put: students learn from the best.

Teaching is a craft. Our students learn from the best instructors in the industry.

Career Services

Get a job within six months of graduation — or your money back

Flatiron students get jobs — guaranteed. As a graduate of our Data Science Bootcamp, get a job within six months of graduation or get a full tuition refund (see eligibility terms). From regular 1:1 career coaching sessions, to interview prep, to employer introductions, our seasoned Career Services team behind students’ success is dedicated to helping students launch lifelong careers in data science.

Dedicated Career Coaching

Every student has a personal Career Coach who mentors them through an effective and successful job search.

Job Guarantee

Flatiron students change careers with total confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee: you’ll receive a job offer within six months, or we’ll refund your full tuition. (See eligibility terms.)

A Proven Job Search Framework

After years of helping students get hired, we’ve developed a proven framework for leading a successful job search. Nearly every single student who has followed these guidelines has been hired.


Take the leap and start your journey

Flatiron curates a community by admitting students who bring creativity, ingenuity, and curiosity to the classroom.

Application process

What we look for

1. Apply

First step: submit a written application to our Admissions team. Tell us about yourself and why you want to learn to become a data scientist in Washington.


We love data science. We bring together people who see it as a craft and want to be great at it — not just for their careers or as a means to an end, but as an end in and of itself.

2. Admissions Chat

Chat with an Admissions Advisor in this explicitly non-technical interview. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. Nothing technical — just a friendly conversation.


Flatiron students are driven. While we look for students with an ability to transfer between different skill sets easily — above all, aptitude for data science is built around having an innate curiosity for the world and how people live in it.

3. Technical Review

After writing and submitting some code on Learn.co, you’ll attend a live coding session with an instructor to assess your understanding of the material covered in the pre-work. You’ll then be notified of your status within 4 business days.


We don’t admit students. We craft a class. A lawyer, journalist, and pro athlete will do more interesting things together than three of any one background.

Application process

What we look for

Program Dates


Talk with our admissions team — they’re here to help.

Tuition & Scholarships

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Dedicated to making our programs more accessible, we offer competitive financing options through Skills Fund and Climb, two industry-leading accelerated learning financing companies.

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As a part of our ongoing effort to support diversity in tech, Flatiron is pleased to offer various scholarships to qualified women, minorities, and veterans, as well as merit-based scholarships. Schedule a Q&A with our Admissions team to hear more about our open scholarships.


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