Transparent Data From the First School With 3rd-Party-Audited Jobs Reports

Education should be the best investment you can make for your future. That why we publish job-placement data for our immersive programs, leading the industry in outcomes with 100% transparency (see survey population here). Explore our latest on-campus and online graduate job placements.

Verified job placements & salary data

On campus or online, Flatiron School students successfully land tech jobs at leading companies across the country. For complete information on our dataset, download our full Jobs Report.


Employment Rate

For job-seeking NYC Immersive students in the most recent On-Campus Jobs Report including full-time salaried roles, paid apprenticeships, and part-time roles during reporting period (see outcomes report here).


Starting Salary

For the 74% of job-seeking students in On-Campus Jobs Report who took full-time salaried jobs during reporting period. Another 26% took full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, part-time, or freelance role, averaging $30/hr (see outcomes report here).

Flatiron students get jobs writing code

Our students don’t just get jobs — they launch careers in tech.

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100% of successful job-seekers accepted technical roles


Every single successful On-Campus job-seeker in the most recent report started a technical role, working as part of, or directly with, an engineering team.

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100% of successful job-seekers accepted technical roles


Like our On-Campus report, all successful Online job-seekers in the most recent report started a technical role, working as part of, or directly with, an engineering team.

Your success = our success

We combine our proven track record of student job placements with a money-back guarantee (see details) so you can change careers with confidence. Our dedicated Career Services team works 1:1 with every student on a dedicated job search that includes developing an employer pipeline, résumé review, interview prep, and more. If you graduate, follow our job search process, and don’t secure a job within 6 months, we’ll refund your tuition in full (see details here).

Navigate tech's top opportunities with the help of our Career Coaching team

Flatiron School’s Career Coaching and Employer Partnerships team provide students unparalleled 1:1 support before, during, and after the job search.

Individual Career Coaching
Individual career coaching

During your job search, you’ll meet weekly with your dedicated Career Coach. Coaches help with everything from résumé review to interview prep, and help you tell your story to land your first job.

Money-Back Guarantee
Money-back guarantee

Change careers with confidence thanks to our Money-Back Guarantee. If you graduate, follow our job-search process, and don’t secure a job offer within 6 months, we’ll refund your tuition in full (see details).

Vast Employer Network
Vast employer network

We’ve built relationships with hiring managers at top companies across the world, creating a robust employer pipeline for Flatiron School grads. Our Employer Partnerships team is constantly advocating for our grads and helping you get in the door.

 A Proven Job Search Framework
Proven job-search framework

Through 1-on-1 guidance from our Career Coaching team and our tried-and-true job-search framework, you’ll gain the skills and support you need to launch your career.

The original job placement reporting standards

We created the first third-party-audited job placement reporting, releasing the industry’s first independently-verified report in 2014. After we thoroughly review and confirm the veracity of our reports, we go one step further and have them verified by a third-party Certified Public Accounting firm.

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Why Third-Party-Verified Reports Win Out

There are three tiers of jobs reporting you’ll find, each with different levels of transparency. See why third-party verification — Flatiron School’s method of verification — is the highest standard.

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What Numbers to Look For

Received offers vs. accepted offers. The types of roles offered. Demographics. Learn what types of data you need to look for to ensure a report is honest, relevant, and clear.

 A Proven Job Search Framework
Understanding Money-Back Guarantees

Different schools treat guarantees differently. Know what guarantees match your needs best rather than the school’s needs best.

Explore our job placement data

job placements reports

Download our Job Placement Reports to dive into the dataset behind our graduates’ job placements, including salary breakdown, job types, the timeline for hires, and more.