Become a data scientist with the country's most comprehensive curriculum

Flatiron School students join a worldwide community of aspiring data scientists through the world’s most sophisticated platform for learning code: We leverage real developer tools and students get the support they need through best-in-class instructors and passionate peers.

Unyielding Education

Our data science training program gives students the breadth and depth needed to become well-rounded data scientists. From Python and Machine Learning to Data Visualization and Regression Analysis, students leave understanding the principles of data science, and how to discover new techniques as their careers progress.

Career Services

With a proven framework for leading a successful job search, a robust employer network, and weekly 1:1 sessions with a dedicated career coach – our career services team is unparalleled at helping students launch the career they want upon graduation.

Online, At Your Pace

With three different course lengths to best suit any schedule, our programs provide total flexibility without compromising quality. All options include access to a wide community of passionate learners, live lectures with instructors, and educational coaching to keep you on track when you’re stuck.

Money-Back Guarantee

We believe Flatiron students should change careers with confidence, which is why all of our career-change courses have a money-back guarantee. You’ll receive a job offer within six months, or we’ll refund your full tuition. (See eligibility terms.)

Curriculum & Program Experience

What you'll learn on the way to your career

This online program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to become a professional Data Scientist, which requires a mix of software engineering, statistical acumen, and the ability to apply both skills in new and challenging domains. The program will teach students to gather data and apply statistical analysis and use them to solve important problems.

Our pedagogy ensures job readiness for today’s market, along with the aptitude and skills to keep learning and stay relevant.

Students will gain an overview of the skills required to be a Data Scientist: data gathering and cleaning, analysis using probability and summary statistics, and data visualization. Foundational concepts in Python and SQL are also covered, along with functions and object orientation, writing,  scraping, and regular expressions.


  • A solid foundation in cleaning and gathering data with Python, Pandas, and SQL
  • An understanding of how to go from problem requirements to actionable steps with issue trees and experimental design

Building on the data exploration and analysis of the first three weeks, students will go deeper by learning Bayesian and Frequentist statistics. Students will go into regression analysis, learning about linear and logistic regression, and how to build regression models — including how to solve linear regression with gradient descent.


  • An understanding of the difference between Frequentist and Bayesian, and how to apply each
  • An ability to build and validate regression models
  • A strength in using linear regression to sample data using ordinary least squares, and apply gradient descent to ordinary least squares

Students will move into supervised learning, non-parametric algorithms like k-nearest-neighbors and support vector machines.  Introduction to threading and multiprocessing to work with big data will be covered — in doing so, students will learn about Apache Spark and Apache Spark on AWS.

Students will also learn about decision tree learning and how it can be applied to classification and regression tree analysis, as well as how to conduct time series analysis using Pandas.


  • An ability to use disparate large data sets to build classification engines

Students will move to unsupervised learning, how to simplify their machine learning models, and how to accommodate for imbalanced data. Building recommender algorithms using collaborative filtering, matrix decomposition, clustering, and deep learning approaches will also be covered.


  • A deep understanding of unsupervised techniques and how to implement supervised or unsupervised learning techniques to build recommender systems

Students will work on and complete a solo final project as an opportunity to review and push deeper into the material covered in the previous modules.  Along the way, coursework will emphasize project management techniques in data science, as well as presenting and communicating a data science project to a non-technical audience.


  • A solid ability a project that gathers, explores, builds statistical or machine learning models to deliver insights and communicate findings with data visualization and storytelling techniques.

Career Services

Our Career Services team has helped over 1,200 students secure positions via a proven framework for job-seeking, and a team of Career Coaches and Employer Partnerships advocates who work with and on behalf of our students and grads. When it’s time to prepare for the job search, students work one-on-one with a dedicated Career Coach to build the collateral and skills they’ll need to succeed — including resume creation, crafting a narrative about your journey into data science, counseling on how to open conversations with employers, and practice interviews to hone your networking and interviewing skills.

Alumni Community

Graduates join an active network of successful data scientists and software engineers. For Flatiron alumni, engaging with our community doesn’t stop at graduation.

Lifelong Learning

Flatiron School alumni gain lifetime access to additional curricula on

  • Bootcamp Prep for full-stack web development
  • Computer Science in Java
Why Data Science?

Establish yourself in one of tech's most coveted positions

More than ever before, industries are capturing data on a variety of topics, behaviors, and trends. There are stories to tell or insights to share in that data. Without data science, this information stays stuck. To innovate and set business goals, more and more companies are looking to data scientists to fill in the gaps and find opportunities never before considered or understood.

In fact, data scientist and machine learning engineer jobs are the two fastest-growing careers in all of technology.

Growth in Data Science Jobs Since 2012


As this area of expertise has grown, the positions within the field become more nuanced. After completing our Flatiron School’s Online Data Science Bootcamp — at any pace — students will be qualified to secure a job as a data scientist, but can also consider pursuing any of the following related positions:

  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Back-End Engineer

“Data Science is leading the way in changing how people and businesses make decisions. With that in mind, we’ve developed a curriculum that teaches the skills necessary for the field, but also creates an environment that cultivates the curiosity all great data storytellers share.”

Joe Burgess

Joe Burgess

VP, Education
Student Projects

Build your data science portfolio

At Flatiron School, students learn by building. Students will come away with an advanced Portfolio Project to demonstrate their technical proficiency and creativity to current or future job managers and hiring leads.

Our course dedicates significant time towards completion of a large-scale data science and machine learning project where students work on a solo project in a domain of their choice. The project provides an in-depth opportunity for students to demonstrate their mastery of material, review course subjects, and work on an end-to-end data science project.

Active Github Profile

GitHub is the modern source of technical resumes. Students push every line of code they write at Flatiron School to GitHub through our proprietary platform,, giving them an extensive profile to show employers and fellow data scientists.

Technical Presentation

Students build their credibility as data scientists and immerse themselves by attending — and challenging themselves to present — at Flatiron School events.

Final projects will be unique for each student and determined in partnership with the student’s instructor. Specifically, projects are required to have the following items to meet the minimum bar of difficulty:

  • Retrieve data from outside sources  and organize data using Python
  • Organize data into at least three different tables or equivalent grouping
  • Explore data and write down multiple hypotheses for data, and write proposal to use subset of algorithms to analyze the data
  • Building machine learning API that outputs results of analysis
  • Use big data for at least one aspect of the project
  • Present techniques and conclusions about approach and analysis in write up

Examples of final projects could be building a better search engine for a travel site (such as Airbnb or Kayak) or an examination of a global interest utilizing data visualization and topic modeling.

The Flatiron School Online Experience

The bootcamp, perfected for online

Flatiron School has helped hundreds of online students get jobs as software engineers through our rigorous coursework and portfolio projects. For our Online Data Science Bootcamp course we’ve applied the same curriculum discipline, paired with our proprietary online learning platform,, and a network of dynamic educators available at your fingertips.

*Exclusive features for Part-Time and Full-Time Online Data Science Bootcamp courses.

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Study Groups

Study Groups

  • Live Discussions*: In these interactive workshops, instructors present technical topics and live-code – with students encouraged to participate
  • Coding Office Hours*: Ask instructors technical questions – and see what other students are struggling with – in these open sessions

Assigned Peer Group*: Online classmates are encouraged to study, collaborate, and keep each other motivated as they work through the course together.

1:1 Support

  • Instant Support: When you’re stuck, click the Ask a Question button for on-demand help from Technical Coaches via chat and screen-sharing
  • Educational Coaching: Partner with a dedicated Coach to help you set and stay accountable to your goals, and make steady progress at a pace that is right for you

Technical Mentorship*: Schedule 1:1 video calls with your Section Lead to get help breaking through tough technical concepts

svg-checkmark-iconCreated with Sketch. Features

  • Real Tools: You can’t learn real skills without real tools. Students learn how to code in our environment and practice with a git-based workflow
  • Instant Support: Confused? Our Ask a Question feature within allows students to crowdsource support from the entire student community. Even when not in class, you have the support you need.
Meet the team behind our curriculum
Education Team

Meet the team behind our curriculum

Career Services

Get a job within six months of graduation

Flatiron students get jobs, period. As a graduate of our Online Data Science Bootcamp, job-seek with the support of our team and you’ll get a job offer within 6 months of graduation, or we’ll refund your tuition (see eligibility terms). From weekly 1:1 career coaching sessions, to mock interviews, to employer evangelism, our seasoned Career Services team is dedicated to helping our students launch lifelong careers in data science.

Dedicated Career Coaching

Every student is paired with a dedicated career coach, who coaches students through an effective job search via resume review, mock interviews, and partnering with students on creating and executing strategies for building a job opportunity pipeline and getting a foot in the door at top-choice companies.

Money-Back Guarantee

Flatiron students change careers with confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee: you’ll receive a job offer within six months, or we’ll refund your full tuition. (See eligibility terms.)

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Robust Employer Network

Our team of Employer Partnerships Associates does nothing but evangelize for you. We’re constantly in touch with companies on your behalf, helping them understand the value of hiring a Flatiron School grad, and connect with graduates of the school.

A Proven Job Search Framework

After years of helping students get hired, we’ve developed a proven framework for leading a successful job search. Nearly every single student who has followed these guidelines has been hired.

Tuition & Course Details

Choose the tuition and course structure that’s right for you

All course options are supported by our money-back guarantee and best-in-class career services team – all dedicated to getting you a job in six months or less.

In addition, students also receive a WeWork hot desk membership for 12 months, access to robust alumni network, lifetime curriculum access, and instant support with Ask a Question

Up to 15 months
10 months
5 months
Time commitement
100% flexible
25 hrs/week
50 hrs/week
Career Services Support
1,000+ Curriculum Hours
Educational Coaching
Live Lectures
Assigned Section Lead
Assigned Peer Group
Technical Mentorship
√ One session weekly
√ Two sessions weekly
Coding Office Hours
Reduced tuition for Oct. 1 cohort
Money-Back Guarantee
Reduced Tuition Self-Paced Program
Reduced Tuition Part-Time Program
Reduced Tuition Full-Time Program
*Above tuitions exclusively apply to the October 1 initial cohort


Dedicated to making our programs more accessible, we offer competitive financing options through Skills Fund and Climb, two industry-leading accelerated learning financing companies.


Start your career in data science

We don’t just admit individual students to our program; we curate a community. Our students come from myriad backgrounds and previous career paths — ensuring that a diversity of thought, experience and perspective enriches every student’s experience.

Application process

What we look for

1. Apply

Submit a written application. Tell us about yourself and why you want to join our community.


We love data science. We bring together people who see it as a craft and want to be great at it — not just for their careers or as a means to an end, but as an end in and of itself.

2. Admissions Interview

Chat with an Admissions Advisor in this explicitly non-technical interview . This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. Nothing technical — just a friendly conversation.


Flatiron students are driven. While we look for students with an ability to transfer between different skill sets easily — above all, aptitude for data science is built around having an innate curiosity for the world and how people live in it.

3. Receive your decision

After your interview, our Admissions team will review your application and get back to you shortly with a decision. Simple as that.


We don’t admit students. We craft a class. A lawyer, journalist, and pro athlete will do more interesting things together than three of any one background.

Application process

What we look for

Program Dates

Courses start soon

We’re currently accepting applications for our first start date on October 1, 2018. We review applications as they come in, so the sooner you apply, the better!


Talk with our admissions team — they’re here to help.


You have questions; we have answers

  • Are there prerequisites to apply to Online Data Science Bootcamp?

    While there are no prerequisites to our online data science course and we welcome beginners, we do recommend exploring our free Data Science Bootcamp Prep course before applying. It’s important for two key reasons:

    • The easiest way to determine if you want to pursue a career in data science is to see if you like coding. It’s impossible to know that if you’ve never written a line of code.
    • We want to fill our online community with people who are who see data science as a passion, people who want to launch lifelong careers as data scientists. It’s much easier to show that you’re passionate and dedicated by taking the initiative to get started first. Even if you’ve only worked through a few lessons, showing a little effort and curiosity about data science speaks volumes in your application.
  • Should I attend your in-person or online bootcamp? What’s the difference?

    That depends on a few important factors. What’s your learning style? Where are you in life right now? What kind of experience are you looking for?

    We recommend thinking of it like exercise. Some people just need a pair of sneakers and can run outside. Some people want access to the best equipment so they join a gym, or to be part of a community and they do Crossfit. Some people want to take organized classes, and some need to go away for yoga retreats and focus on nothing but that. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to get fit. It’s about knowing your goals and knowing what brings the best out of you.

    The same is true with learning. Do you want a rigid schedule or to learn at your own pace? Do you do better in a quiet environment or surrounded by people? Do you want to focus on this full time or not?

    Here are a few other things that may help:

    • Location: Do you live in New York City where we offer our in-person course or are you willing to move here  for the duration of the program? Flatiron School’s in-person students spend 15 weeks of intensive work at our NYC campus, whereas online students can learn anywhere they have a solid internet connection. (Note that in order to be eligible for both Flatiron School’s job guarantee, you must be 18 or older and legally able to work in the US or the U.K.)
    • Pace: Do you prefer to immerse yourself in a flood of information, or take things at your own pace? Our in-person immersive and full-time online course progresses very quickly, though with robust pre-work and plenty of resources to help you along the way. With our part-time and self-paced Online Data Science Bootcamps, you can move at a pace that works for you and around your schedule. You can also decide whether it’s worth your time to quit your job and pursue these studies full-time or to fit your studies around your job.

    End Goal: All programs are focused on getting you a job as a data scientist after graduation. Although the in-person immersive is based in New York City, each program offers placements all over the United States.

  • What’s the application process like?

    The first step is to fill out a written application. Once submitted, you should hear back from our admissions team on the next step within 2 business days. If your application is chosen to move forward, you will be invited to schedule a video call with a member of the admissions team to get to know you better. After this point, students receive an admissions decision within a few business days. There is not a technical interview portion for the online program.

  • Can I apply for financing?

    Once you have been accepted into the program, you may apply for financing through one of our lending partners. We work with Skills Fund and Climb, who have helped many Flatiron students secure loans. We recommend waiting until after you have been accepted into the program before applying for a loan.