• Comparing the iOS Developer Program to the online Intro to Swift course, what are the big differences between what I would learn and what apps I could build afterwards?

    First, the iOS Developer Program adds many projects and topics that will provide students with practice building feature-rich Swift applications. Examples of app features that are practiced in-depth only in the iOS Developer Program are:

    1. Interfacing with native iOS services such as geolocation, the audio/video player, bluetooth, camera, accelerometer, etc.
    2. Enabling full gesture and touchscreen recognition
    3. Data exchanging through APIs for services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, etc.
    4. Integrating third party frameworks such as CocoaPods to tap into thousands of useful code libraries

    That is not to say that a graduate of the Intro to Swift course couldn’t teach themselves how to build this functionality into their apps, but rather that Intro to Swift students will not receive direct instruction, guidance, or practice in doing so.

    Second, the iOS Developer Program also teaches Objective-C, so that graduates are fluent in this important legacy language in case they come across existing apps and frameworks which utilize it.

  • What are the best programming languages to learn today?

    See Dean Avi Flombaum’s in-depth answer on Quora.

  • Do coding bootcamps live up to what they advertise in terms of pay bumps and job placement with a new career?

    As of today, Flatiron School is the only in-person programming school to have released an Independently Audited Jobs Report.

    This means we’ve given Certified Public Accountants access to all of our data, and allowed them to reach out to alumni, and employers, at their will, in order to certify the accuracy of our data (for that certification, they required 100% response rate, with 100% accuracy). We had auditors certify statistics around things such as average salary ($75K), time to placement (less than 6 months), and graduation rate (99%).

    Hopefully, with time, more schools will do the same.

  • Why is Flatiron's average starting salary lower than other coding bootcamps like App Academy and Dev Bootcamp?

    Is it actually?

    This was covered recently in an article in Business Insider:

    Here’s what you should know about those 99% job placement rates at ‘coding bootcamps’— some of which boast $100,000 exit salaries

  • Is attending a bootcamp really worth the high cost when there are such substantial learning resources for free?

    That depends entirely on you.

    We often equate learning to fitness. Technically, all you need is a pair of sneakers – you can run as well as do pushups, crunches, stretching, etc… in order to hit your goal.

    For some people though, that’s not enough. They join a gym because they thrive with a sense of community - being surrounded by other people who have the same goal.

    Others want more structure so they’ll enroll in classes like Spin where they can be told exactly how to progress. Or maybe even get a personal trainer.

    And yet others want full immersion so they’ll go to something like a yoga retreat where they can focus 100% of their time and energy on that one goal. This is most akin to attending our bootcamp.

    What’s best for you ultimately depends on what brings the best out of you. From a pure ROI perspective, our students on average see a 40%+ increase in salary after graduating from Flatiron School.

  • Is it possible to shift to a software job after the age of 40?

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  • Do I need a computer?

    For the in-person courses, we work on Mac laptops with the latest OS installed. If you don’t have one already, we can provide a loaner. For online courses, you do need your own computer, but it can be either a Macbook or a PC.

  • Do I need any experience to apply?

    The most common thread among our students is that each one has a genuine passion for coding; the best way to know whether coding is for you is to start doing it! Start a free online intro to programming course today.

  • Can I visit the Manhattan campus?

    We offer tours and info sessions on a regular basis, and you can register on our community page. If our event times don’t work for you, please email admissions@flatironschool.com to schedule an appointment at an alternative time.