• What makes front-end web development different than back-end or full-stack web development?

    Front end is is everything that you experience when you visit different websites.  It’s how the pages are designed and look – the images, the colors, the order of things, the layout.  It can also be the level of interactivity that a site has: prompting users to fix errors, pulling data from the latest weather report in a beach rental site, etc.

    The back end is most often focused on preparing the data that will be presented on the front end. In the case of a beach rental site, the back end would have the responsibility for finding all the rentals that are in a certain location and available between certain dates. It does this by working with database queries and server-resident code (e.g. Ruby, Python, Java, C++).

    “Full stack development” covers “a little bit of both.” A full stack-developer knows how to write a solid database query (back-end) and how to bundle the response for use by a JavaScript framework (front-end). While a front-end developer might not know advanced or extremely complex database queries, they’re in a good spot to “stretch” to handle additional requests. Similarly a full-stack web developer might now know every aspect of CSS, but again they are in a good spot to “stretch” to handle where they fall short. As full-stack developers grow in experience, the amount of skill they have in both front- and back-end development grows.

  • Where are the Intro to Front End Web Development classes held?

    Our London web development course will be held at our new London campus at 131 Finsbury Pavement, London EC2A 1NT, while our DC web development course will be located at our Washington DC campus at 1440 G St NW. In time, we hope to expand this course offering to more Flatiron School locations – both in the U.S. and abroad.

  • What programs, applications, or computer software do I need in order to take this course?

    Students are encouraged to sign-up for a Learn.co account before their first class – Learn.co is the proprietary learning platform all Flatiron School students use to practice coding. Additionally, students should plan to bring a personalized laptop (Mac or PC) for use during the course. Tablet devices, such as iPads, are not suitable.

  • Are there any prerequisites in order to enroll in this course?

    Students are expected to have a general knowledge of computers, opening internet browsers, saving files, etc.

  • What happens if I miss a class?

    In the event you can’t make a scheduled class, you’ll have access to the lecture and all the work covered during that session.