Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in bringing more diversity to the tech industry to make it a better, more inclusive place.

Anyone Can

Change Things

No matter where you start from – whether you’re part of an underrepresented community, financially strained, or simply intimidated by the thought of launching a new career — you have the potential to change things. We’ll show you how.

Diversity Initiatives

We do more than just say we support diversity – we put our money where our mouth is with scholarships and programs to support our underrepresented learners.

photo flatiron school students working together

Access Scholarship

Access Scholarships are awarded to students from underrepresented communities including minorities, people with disabilities, veterans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Women Take Tech Scholarship

The Women Take Tech Scholarship is designed for new enrollees who identify as female. Scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time programs.

flatiron school students

John Stanley Ford (JSF) Fellowship

The JSF Fellowship supports the advancement of PoC tech professionals (Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or mixed race) in tech.

Lovelace Fellowship

Similar to the JSF Fellowship, the Lovelace Fellowship supports the advancement of those who identify as female by partnering with companies to offer apprenticeships and sponsorships.

Diversity On Campus

When you attend Flatiron School, you’re part a community of diverse learners that come from all walks of life. That’s how we know you’ll fit right in.

Join a Supportive Community

Community is at the heart of everything we do. From one-on-ones with instructors to study groups, campus events, individual career coaches, and slack channels, you’ll be supported every step of your learning journey.