The Women Take Tech Initiative

Flatiron School is forever committed to increasing accessibility and improve gender parity in tech. To date, we’ve helped over 1000 women break into tech through scholarships and custom programs.

Making gender parity in tech a reality

A more diverse tech workforce is more creative and effective. At Flatiron School, we have the opportunity to fast-track tomorrow’s female tech talent into the industry – and change the culture for the better. Here’s how we’re working to make gender parity in tech a reality.

Over $1M in scholarships

We’ve awarded over $1 million in scholarships for women breaking into tech.

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An inclusive community

Online and on campus, we foster a supportive community where women can thrive.

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Inspiring industry wide change

We model the tech culture we want to see; our students carry that with them as they launch careers.

Awarding $1 million toward women’s coding education

To date, Flatiron School has awarded over $1 million in scholarships to make a life-changing coding education more accessible to aspiring female programmers across our many campuses and disciplines:

Scholarship Partners

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Defying industry trends in the classroom – and beyond

Studies show a disheartening picture of the gender imbalance in tech. At Flatiron School, we’re defying industry trends.

Women hold 25% of tech jobs

Women make up just a quarter of the tech workforce.

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Participation has been falling

The percentage of women in tech has been declining since its 1991 high of 36%.

Student body ranges from 35 - 60% women

Our classes often achieve gender parity, with women even outnumbering men in some cohorts.

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Identical graduation rates

Women are just as successful as men in completing our programs.

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Quit rate 2x higher for women

Even when women get their foot in the door, they leave the industry at over twice the rate of men.

No wage gap

According to our verified outcomes data, women earn as much or more than male grads.

Creating a community that inspires confidence

Through custom programming, events, and pedagogy, we strive to create an inclusive environment for women to build their skills and prepare for an industry ready for change.

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Women's-Only Study Sessions

In these monthly sessions, we offer a welcoming space for women to broaden their technical skills and collaborate.

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Women in Tech Events

We invite industry leaders (as well as our own alumni making waves in the field) to take on issues facing women in tech.

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Meet your advocates at Flatiron School

We take diversity seriously. Women make up over 45% of our staff. Female makers, teachers, and leaders impact every level of our organization and touch every part of your student journey.

Lisa Jiang Headshot
Lisa Jiang
Director of Product

Lisa runs Product at Flatiron School, leading the creation of features that support a rich online learning experience for all students.

Corinna Brock Moore
Corinna Brock Moore
Section Lead

Corinna is the first member of our online education team students meet and provides them with the building blocks to succeed.

Kristi Riordan
Kristi Riordan
COO and Market Director, APAC

After spending nine years sparking new growth efforts at professional learning network Gerson Lehrman Group, Kristi came to Flatiron School for the opportunity to work on an ambitious mission at the intersection of technology and people.

Sparking a conversation in tech

Committed to taking on the challenges facing women in tech, both our staff and students are eager to share their advice and insights with the broader community.

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