Our Method

Modeling a more inclusive tech culture

As incubators for tomorrow’s tech talent, coding bootcamps have a unique opportunity to impact tech culture. At Flatiron School, we strive to create an environment where everyone can grow, modeling the tech culture we want to see. Our alums take that with them as they move through their careers.

Changing the face of tech
Diversity initiatives

Changing the face of tech

Committed to changing the face of tech, we’ve partnered with organizations to award scholarships to diverse students, including women, people of color, military families, the LGBTQ community.

Fellowship Programs

  • Tuition-free programs developed in partnership with the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline.
  • Built for underrepresented groups who might not have the opportunity to attend a bootcamp – low-income New Yorkers, foreign-born New Yorkers, and those without college degrees.

Women Take Tech

  • To date, we’ve awarded over $1 million in scholarships to make coding education more accessible to aspiring female programmers.
  • We launched our Women Take Tech to extend our commitment even further, with scholarships available for our online and in-person programs.

Scholarship partners

Our Research

How to thrive – not just survive – in tech

Underrepresented groups often leave tech faster than they enter. So how can we build a more inclusive tech culture – where people of all backgrounds can not just get a foot in the door, but actually thrive in their careers? We surveyed our students and alumni and looked to our five years of experience running a school to identify what elements of a company culture prevent people from working at their full potential and what pushes them to grow.

What blocks growth?

What supports growth?

Ambiguity of goals

Being pulled in too many directions; not knowing what to focus on or how you fit into your company’s goals.

Connection to vision & goals

Understanding where your company is headed and how your contributions will affect its success.

Feeling unheard

Feeling that your voice, ideas, and contributions aren’t valued, listened to, or enacted.

Candor in communication

Receiving both coaching and feedback on areas of strengths and opportunity for growth.

Unsupportive managers

When those who should be advocating for your growth and recognizing your contributions aren’t there for you.

Advocacy from colleagues

Having your work recognized publicly by your coworkers; having them speak up for you over promotions and project ownership.

Lack of confidence

When imposter syndrome takes hold and you feel as if you don’t belong – despite your qualifications.

Pushed to potential

Getting opportunities to take on increasingly difficult projects that continue to sharpen your skills.

What blocks growth?

What supports growth?


Sparking conversations in tech

We care deeply about creating a better tech culture – at Flatiron School and beyond. Our leadership team are active voices in conversations about how we make this vision a reality.