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Thinking of pursuing a career in product design but not sure if it’s right for you? In that case, ditch the google searches and get advice straight from these 6 expert Product Designers at the forefront of UX / UI design innovation.

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Thinking of pursuing a career in product design but not sure if it’s right for you? In that case, ditch the google searches and get advice straight from expert Product Designers at the forefront of UX / UI design innovation. 

In the 6 interviews below, you’ll hear from leading Product Designers on career paths, designing for a wide range of users, and how to excel in the field.

Preparing Design Students For The World of Product Design

Tech Perspective Podcast Ep. 15 with Flatiron School Instructor Jennifer Houlihan

Product design and UX / UI – what’s the difference? According to Jennifer Houlihan, Product Design Lead Instructor at Flatiron School, they’re stepping stones in the same design pipeline. The two schools of thought work together to deliver a user-friendly and stakeholder-approved product to market. 

In this episode of the Tech Perspective Podcast from April 2022, Houlihan explains the crossover between the disciplines, the importance of having a holistic design methodology, and how a strategic mindset can help designers level up in their careers.

“Product design includes UX / UI, you can think of it as an umbrella or a circus tent. But product design includes a lot of strategic work mapping business needs and stakeholder needs to what the users need. [product design] is a level up from UX / UI.”

Product Design, Mental Health & Brand Storytelling

Tech Perspective Podcast Ep. 18 with Founder of Really Good Emails Matthew Smith

Are you Yoda or are you Luka/Leia? In this Tech Perspective Podcast Matthew Smith, Founder of Really Good Emails and Principal Designer at Bunsen, explains how knowing a brand’s role in their customer’s story drives better product design decisions and can ultimately result in hyper-dedicated users.

“To me [digital product design] is the skill and practice of creating a user interface people can engage with and do so with utility and enjoyment – that’s where the brand comes in … Design isn’t just about making things look better [it’s] about relationships.” 

Signs You’d Be A Good Product Designer | All Things Product Design

Tech Perspective Podcast Ep. 21 with Flatiron School Director of Design Matt Donovan 

For those considering a career in product design, Matt Donovan, Flatiron School’s Director of Design, recommends they consider the following questions:

  1. Do I like working visually?
  2. Am I a curious person?
  3. Do I like working with other people?

Donovan discusses what makes a great designer, the importance of empathy in design, and whether or not a background in coding is essential in this episode of Tech Perspective Podcast. 

“Product design is like a Russian doll with lots of different components … there’s all the research that goes into it, the high-level strategy … and then there’s the user experience design.”

Design Ethics, Building Products & Intellectual Curiosity 

Tech Perspective Podcast Ep. 22 with Flatiron School Director of Product Design Joshua Robinson 

Versatility and flexibility paired with a deep well of expertise in niche areas can give designers a competitive edge, Joshua Robinson says, but ethical designing is critical to ensuring a quality product that serves all of its intended users. 

Robinson explores navigating ethical quandaries in business, designing for inclusive accessibility, and which qualities are key to excelling in product design.

“Product design encapsulates elements from both UX and UI but also extends it. It brings the designer into the business side of the company and helps them think strategically about the features, products, offerings, and customer experience and touchpoints.”

The Human Side of UX Research

Tech Perspective Podcast Ep. 23 with UX Researcher at Eva Rajewski

With a background in Anthropology and a career in user experience research, Eva Rajewski of values meeting people where they are and using design to validate their individual needs and concerns related to specific product offerings. 

In this podcast interview from April 2022, Rajewski highlights the need for understanding users’ pain points, what graduates can expect day-to-day as a UX researcher, and the future of UX. 

“If you asked someone 200 years ago what they wanted to get around faster, they would’ve said a faster horse. They wouldn’t have told you they wanted a car. The job of the researcher is to understand what the problem is and how to solve it.”

From Radiology Tech to UX / UI Product Designer: Sabrina’s Story

Flatiron School info session Q&A with Product Design Bootcamp graduate Sabrina Hernandez

After almost six years as a dental radiology technician, Sabrina Hernandez decided to pivot and pursue a creative career in product design. After completing Flatiron School’s full-time Product Design Course at our New York City campus, she has since begun a successful and fulfilling career in the field. 

In a Product Design info session, Hernandez chatted with Joshua Robinson, Flatiron’s Product Design Director, about her career transition, challenges she faced leaving healthcare, and her experience with the course. 

“My biggest challenge when changing careers from healthcare to product design was getting my head around a new skill set and believing in myself. You just have to believe that you can expand your mind to learn more and become a new version of yourself.”

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