15 Free Coding Classes in NYC

New York City has a thriving tech community. With so much tech talent there are plenty of free coding classes in NYC. Here are 15 free places to learn to code in NYC.

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New York City has a thriving tech community with tech giants and incredible startups calling the Big Apple home. With so much tech talent across the five boroughs — and beyond — it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of free coding classes in NYC in 2019 led by industry veterans and tech enthusiasts. With so many great coding classes and coding bootcamps in NYC, we’re here to help you find a coding workshop that fits your schedule, experience, and passion. You’ll meet great people who share your interests and who can help you become a better programmer. Here are 15 free classes to learn to code in NYC.

Long-term free class options

NYPL Project and Tech Connect

Experience level: Beginner Languages: HTML, CSS Audience: All

The New York Public Library is a great resource for aspiring programmers. ProjectCode is as close to a free coding bootcamp in NYC as you can get. The course teaches the fundamentals of front-end development covering HTML and CSS over 10 weeks. Classes are held in three different library branches with day and evening classes availability based on location. The 10-week coding course includes a final project where students build a website. Spring orientation begins May 14.The NYPL’s Tech Connect offerings are typically geared toward general computer usage and skills, but they also have free programming classes in NYC. Coding classes include Programming Fundamentals with Python and Create a Website with HTML & CSS.

The Recurse Center

Experience level: Novice and above Languages: Based on your experience Audience: All

The Recurse Center is not necessarily a bootcamp or school of code. Recurse describes itself like a “writer’s retreat” where developers can spend time with like-minded programmers and focus on their own growth. There are no set languages offered, it’s up to you and what you want to learn. Recurse offers free job assistance and Career Services as an optional service.

Access Labs Coding Community and Flatiron School NYC Coding Community

Experience level: Beginner Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby Audience: All

We may be a bit biased with our flagship campus in NYC and our Access Labs initiative in Brooklyn, but our Meetup events are great opportunities to learn to code in NYC. Whether you’re in the city or like to stay in Brooklyn, we host free events including study sessions (with pizza), speaker panels, technical talks, and workshops. While our Free Software Engineering Prep is open to everyone, we have on-campus Meetup events for aspiring coders working through the program. You’ll learn full-stack development using the same curriculum and Learn.co platform as our immersive courses while having in-person support. It’s not exactly a free computer class in Brooklyn, but it’s the next best thing.

Free NYC Coding Classes, Coding Workshops, and Meetup events

Women who Code NYC Women who Code empowers women across the U.S by offering free weekly Meetup events. There are free coding workshops, networking events, and guest speakers discussing industry and programming trends. Whether you’re just starting your career or a few years in, Women who Code NYC is a great place to grow.

Learn to Code – For Complete Beginners in NYC As the name of this Meetup suggests, this is a great computer class for adults just starting out with code. There are monthly online workshops with a teacher who walks you through JavaScript fundamentals. The coding Meetup is a great place to find other people who share your interests.

Operation Code: NYC Operation Code is a non-profit helping the military community start their tech careers. The monthly Meetup events feature guest speakers, resumé workshops, and networking opportunities.

Coding and Data for Non-Engineers New York This Meetup, sponsored by Product School, is great for anyone interested in learning about big data and coding. Events include coding workshops, guest speakers, and social events. Topics covered include software development, data analysis, and product management.

NYC Women in Machine Learning & Data Science This inclusive Meetup hosts regular events featuring guest speakers and workshops. If you’re a woman or a gender minority, this is a great way to learn more about machine learning and data science in a supportive environment.

Hacker Hours If you’re working on a project and need some help, this is the Meetup for you. The weekly events feature opportunities to network and work with fellow developers. If you have a coding question, these coding workshops likely have someone who can help you.

Full Stack Coding Full Stack Coding covers everything you’d want to know about front-end and back-end web development. Come with questions about code, HTML, front-end frameworks, or Ruby on Rails and there’ll be a developer with answers.

Write/Speak/Code NYC This Meetup provides an inclusive environment for women and non-binary programmers. Events include coding workshops, guest lectures, conferences, and discussions on industry trends.

The Brooklyn iOS Developer Meetup Primarily for iOS developers, this Meetup features regular events and demos. The group has speakers from top companies like Uber and opportunities to learn more about their work.

Learn Python NYC Anyone interested in learning more about Python or Python classes in NYC should attend these monthly Meetup events. The group welcomes all experience levels.

Girl Develop It NYC The non-profit organization offers free and lower-cost Meetup events for women interested in code. Free Girl Develop It Meetup events include social events and coding workshops like Coffee & Code while their introductory NYC coding classes range from $25 to $100.

Flatiron School also offers free prep work to get your coding journey started – no matter the disciple. Dabble in code with one of the four below, entirely free.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of 12 April 2019. For updated information visit https://flatironschool.com/

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of April 12, 2019. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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