Four Myths About Learning Online (and How Flatiron School Proves Them Wrong)

Flatiron School is dedicated to making learning to code remotely, and at your own pace, as dynamic and effective as learning in the classroom. While…

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Flatiron School is dedicated to making learning to code remotely, and at your own pace, as dynamic and effective as learning in the classroom. While there are many mythssurrounding learning to code, there are even more about online education. Here are four of the most common myths about learning online…busted.

You study alone without access to your instructors or peers

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Not true! As an online student, you’ll join a cohort of other students and have a teacher available at any time to answer questions you may have, alongside dedicated, weekly mentorship hours and educational coaching.

There’s no flexibility: online bootcamps require strict hours of availability throughout the week

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False! At Flatiron School, we offer three online course pace options — full-time, part-time, and self-paced — to accommodate your schedule and needs. Study on your own timeline with our self-paced program, or, if you thrive in a more structured environment, consider our part-time or full-time options to keep you accountable and on-track towards graduation.

Regardless of the pace you choose, all three courses come with the same history of strong outcomes, Career Services support, and Tuition-Back Guarantee (see details).

The quality of online education isn’t as strong as in-person learning

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Think again! Just like students who study on campus, our online students have similar track records of success. In our most recent online outcomes reportfor job-seeking Online Web Developer Program (now called Online Software Engineering) students in the most recent Online Outcomes Report including full-time salaried roles, paid apprenticeships, and part-time roles during reporting period, 94% of job-seeking students accepted job offers and 100% of successful job-seekers accepted a technical position (see outcomes report here).

You watch boring, instructional videos all day

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Nope! You can’t learn real skills with fake tools. As much as you can learn in a simulation, you can’t become a competent surgeon without picking up a scalpel or a pilot without stepping into an airplane. You learn by doing. That’s why requires students to use the same tools and workflows that professional software engineers or data scientists use on the job. From the start, you’ll work in a terminal using git-based workflows and master the craft using real tools of the trade. Learn more about the people behind

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of May 10, 2019. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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