Our Reporting Standards

The original — and most rigorous — outcomes standards

We invented outcomes reporting, releasing the industry’s first jobs report in 2014. The next year, Flatiron and other leading coding bootcamps signed a pledge to “Coder-in-Chief” President Obama to report job outcomes according to rigorous, White House-approved criteria ahead of our 2015 report. With our 2017 online and NYC reports, we continue to be the only school to fully abide by these standards for transparency.

Meeting the TechHire Standard

We are committed to abiding by the strict standards set with President Obama through the TechHire Initiative.


Our reports are independently examined by third party auditors to verify our data and ensure transparency.

Fully Transparent

100% of grads are reported on in our reports – no exceptions.

Get the Facts: Read Our Full Jobs Reports

Few coding bootcamps follow reporting standards this comprehensive or transparent. Find out all the details of our student outcomes for our online and NYC programs – plus get our guide on what numbers you need to investigate in a bootcamp jobs report.

Meet the new face of tech
Student Stories

Meet the new face of tech

Students who come to Flatiron School don’t just learn to code – they discover their passion, devote themselves to a lifelong craft, and transform their careers.

Beyond the Bootcamp

Landing jobs that launch lasting careers

At Flatiron School, we’ve always been dedicated to helping students launch a career, not just land a job. Through our recent alumni survey, in which we surveyed 541 Flatiron graduates with a 30% response rate, we’re keenly aware of how our alumni go on to get raises, learn new languages, tackle new roles.

Career Services

How our students get hired

Behind our near-perfect placements record is a partnership between our dedicated Career Services team and students. Here’s how it works.

Dedicated Career Coaching

Career coaches mentor our students through an effective job search via resume review, mock interviews, and strategies for building a job opportunity pipeline and getting a foot in the door at top-choice companies.

A proven job-search framework

After years of helping students get hired, we’ve developed a proven framework for leading a successful job search. Nearly every student who has followed these guidelines has been hired.


A robust employer network

We’ve cultivated relationships with employers who keep coming back to Flatiron School for developers. Now, Flatiron alums who have been in the industry for a few years are beginning to hire the next generation of grads.

“Over five years later, we still sweat over every job. And every time a student gets an offer, the entire team celebrates. We’re invested in our graduates’ success right along with them – that’s a big reason we’ve seen such great results.”

Rebekah Rombom

Rebekah Rombom

VP, Career Services

Explore our full outcomes data

Download the our full outcomes reports to dive into our full outcomes dataset, including salary breakdown, job types, the time it takes get hired, and more.