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Flatiron School is excited to launch our Online Software Engineering Bootcamp. Students can now choose from a self-paced program, a part-time structured program, and a full-time structured program. All three Online Software Engineering Bootcamp courses feature our world-class curriculum, a dedicated community, support from our Career Services team, and a money-back guarantee. If you don’t get a job with us, you’re eligible for a full tuition refund. (See full eligibility details here).“ We know that, in education, one size does not fit all,” Rebekah Rombom, General Manager of Online Programs at Flatiron School, said. “Students learn differently. Students’ lives are different and the way they want to complete the learning experience varies from student to student.”

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Launching a career as a software engineer is now more accessible than ever. Students can train using real tools from anywhere in the world on a schedule and pace that works best for them. “The courses are tailored to provide the educational support that makes the most sense for students,” Rebekah said.


Our self-paced Online Software Engineering Bootcamp offers students the most flexibility as they gain the skills they need to become software engineers up to 15 months. Self-paced students will be supported by Career Services, Educational Coaching sessions, live lectures, and a money-back guarantee for $9,600. All students have lifetime access to the curriculum, but support features such as Career Services, Educational Coaching, and live lectures will end after 15 months. “If you’re a student who’s a motivated learner who wants to move at a faster timeline or a slower timeline, or doesn’t have the consistent hours during the week to dedicate to a program, the self-paced program may be right for you.”

Structured: Part-Time or Full-Time

The structured part-time and full-time include the same benefits as the self-paced program with additional benefits. “If you’re a student who’s committed to making this change and making it fast and you know you want the support of a class and a teacher behind you, then the paced programs may make the most sense for you,” Rebekah said.For the part-time Online Software Engineering Bootcamp, students will commit 20-25 hours per week to the course for 10 months. In addition to the self-paced benefits, students receive an Assigned Peer Group of 40 students and an Assigned Cohort Lead. Part-time students will also have weekly 30-minute Technical Mentorship sessions. Part-time students will have scheduled monthly meetings with their Educational Coach. Tuition costs $15,000. Full-time Online Software Engineering Bootcamp students will have the same benefits, but at a more in extensive level. Full-time students will train to become software engineers through a 40-50 hour commitment per week for 5 months. During the program, students will have two Educational Coaching sessions per week, a smaller cohort of 30 students, and a one-hour Technical mentorship session per week. Tuition costs $15,000.

What’s the same?

All programs will use the same 1,000+ hour curriculum that has already trained thousands of students to become software engineers. “All three programs will have community support, ask a question, live instructor chat to get unstuck in real time, access to study groups, access to the Slack community, the money-back guarantee, and the best career services team in the world,” Rebekah said. Our online courses are using real developer tools and are learning from experienced, best-in-class instructors. Students will take the course on our proprietary Learn.co platform. We built Learn.co to deliver the most intuitive and advanced student experience in the world. Additionally, all students will have access to our world-class Career Services team. Industry veterans will work one-on-one with students through every step of the job search. Working with Career Services, students will have a polished resumes, sharp interview skills, and a team to help them through the ups-and-downs of  finding a career you love. Flatiron School has pioneered the educational experience to satisfy the needs of today and the future. We look forward to reading your applications. If you have any questions, our admissions team is on hand with answers.

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