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Online Software Engineering

Launch a career as a software engineer from anywhere in the world in our full-time, part-time, or self-paced online coding bootcamp. Industry-leading curriculum meets unparalleled instructor and career services support that are with you all the way until you get a job. Change careers with confidence, backed up by our verified online student outcomes reports and money-back guarantee (see details).

Start your career as a Software Engineer

Our online courses teach the most comprehensive software engineering curriculum you’ll find. While using real developer tools, students learn from best in class instructors through the world’s most sophisticated platform for learning code: Learn.co.

Full-Time, Part-Time, and Self-Paced Options All Include:

Industry leading curriculum
Industry-Leading Curriculum

We designed our Online Software Engineering Bootcamp course to give students the necessary expertise in both back-end and front-end programming to become full-stack web developers. All of our students, regardless of course pace, learn the same, rigorous curriculum, diving into programming with Ruby and JavaScript.

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Career Services

We wrote the book on how to get a job after a bootcamp — literally. Flatiron School students work 1:1 with a dedicated career coach on interview best practices and successful job-search approaches that have worked for over 1,200 other students, and get access to our 200-page guide on how to be a great job-seeker, available only to Flatiron students.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Switch careers with total confidence, because your success is our success: Our Online Software Engineering Bootcamp is covered by a money-back guarantee. Receive a job offer within six months, or you’re eligible for a full tuition refund. (See details.)

Course Pace Options

At Flatiron School, we know all students are different, so we offer three different, personalized course paces designed to give you the perfect balance of flexibility and structure to ensure your success.Paired with our proprietary online learning platform, Learn.co, and individualized support from an Educational Coach, all students have access to a personalized learning experience. Choose from three different program options, each tailored to today’s online learner.

Choose Which Course Pace Is Right for You

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The Career Fast Track

Graduate in 5 months with our fastest program pace: full-time. You will work through a minimum of 45-50 hours per week of coursework, and benefit from dedicated, full-time learning. This pacing option requires the most commitment, as you’ll be expected to attend live study groups, complete labs, and collaborate with others in your cohort throughout the day.

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Close-Knit Cohort & Group Learning

As a student, you’ll benefit from learning with a small, cohort and a dedicated Cohort Lead who teaches and mentors throughout the entire course schedule, at a 20:1 student:teacher ratio. Attend live study groups each week with your cohort lead.

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Weekly 1:1 Mentorship & Instruction

Meet 1:1 for a full hour with your Cohort Lead weekly to get help breaking through tough technical concepts. Additionally, connect over 1:1 sessions with a dedicated Educational Coach every 2 weeks to review overall progress stay accountable for your progress. These sessions are in addition to real-time support from our Technical Coaches via our Ask A Question feature in Learn.co.

Transforming lives and careers

At Flatiron School, our mission is to enable the pursuit of a better life through education. Hundreds of online students have trusted us with their futures so far, and we continue to release verified job outcomes reports to help students make well-informed decisions about their educational investments. Below are highlights from the 2018 Online Job Outcomes Reports.

Job-Placement Rate


Job-seeking Online Web Developer Program (now called the Online Software Engineering Bootcamp) students in the most recent Online Outcomes Report who took full-time salaried roles, paid apprenticeships, and part-time roles during reporting period

Tech Roles Accepted


Job-seeking Online Web Developer Program (now called the Online Software Engineering Bootcamp) students in the most recent Online Outcomes Report who took technical roles

1,000 hours of industry-vetted curriculum

Flatiron School students develop coding mastery in JavaScript and Ruby, as well as study computer science to ensure they’re highly attractive job candidates upon graduation.

We designed our flagship online coding bootcamp and its curriculum to give students the necessary expertise in both back-end and front-end programming technologies to become hirable full-stack developers — able to land their first job in tech and leverage it into a lifelong career.

Programming Fundamentals

Section 1: HTML & CSS, OOP, Ruby, SQL, ORM

After diving into HTML5 & CSS, students get comfortable with object-oriented programming, learning to read websites with Ruby and save data to a database with SQL and Object Relational Mappers.

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Web Frameworks

Sections 2 & 3: Sinatra, Rails

Students learn two key Ruby frameworks, first mastering the fundamentals of web programming with Sinatra before experiencing how quickly they can build incredible apps with Rails.

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Section 4: JavaScript, React

Students gain a thorough understanding of JavaScript and functional programming — crucial for front-end devs — and start to build their own version of React before moving onto the framework itself.

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Front-end Frameworks

Section 5: React, Redux, JSON

Students learn to build productive, scalable front-ends with React and Redux, creating slick, functional, reactive code with Redux as a state manager and Rails as the back-end JSON API.

Meet the experts behind our software engineering program

Headshot of Joe Burgess
Joe Burgess

VP, Education

Joe TA’ed on Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. He built the university’s iOS course before coming to Flatiron School to lead our Education team.
Headshot of Ian Candy
Ian Candy

Managing Cohort Lead

Ian’s a Flatiron alumnus who’s taught programming to hundreds of students, both in person and online. He loves empowering students to solve problems through code.
Headshot of Cernan Bernardo
Cernan Bernardo

Cohort Lead

Flatiron School online alumnus. After 10 years as a financial planner, he decided to transition to a new career and completed the online program in under 4 months. Now he is helping shape tomorrow’s software engineers.

Get a job within six months of graduation

Flatiron School students get jobs — period. As a graduate of our Online Software Engineering Bootcamp, job-seek with the support of our team and you’ll get a job offer within 6 months of graduation, or we’ll refund your tuition (see eligibility terms). From weekly 1:1 career coaching sessions, to mock interviews, to employer evangelism, our seasoned Career Services team is dedicated to helping our students launch lifelong careers in code.
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Individual Career Coaching

Students meet with a dedicated career coach every week, to ensure an effective job search via résumé review, mock interviews, and developing the right job-search collateral to tell their story.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Flatiron students change careers with confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee: you’ll receive a job offer within six months, or we’ll refund your full tuition. (See eligibility terms.)

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Vast Employer Network

For over 5 years, our Employer Partnerships team has been developing relationships with hiring partners across the country to help Flatiron School grads get in the door. Our dedicated Employer Partnerships team is the best in the industry — constantly evangelizing for our graduates at companies across the world.

Magnifying glass on paper
A Proven Job Search Framework

After years of helping students get hired, we’ve developed a proven framework for leading a successful job search. Follow these steps with the support of your Coach, and you can be confident you’ll join our hundreds of Online Software Engineering Bootcamp grads who’ve been hired using the same framework.

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Choose the course pace that’s right for you

Course Length5 months10 monthsUp to 15 months
Time Commitment45-50 hrs/week20-25 hrs/week100% flexible
Career Services Supportcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svg
1,000+ Curriculum Hourscheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svg
Educational Coachingcheckmark-black.svg

Two sessions monthly


One session monthly


Five-session package

Live Lecturescheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svg
Assigned Cohort Leadcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svg
Class Sizecheckmark-black.svg

Average of 20 Stuents


Average of 40 Stuents

Technical Mentorshipcheckmark-black.svg

One hour weekly


Half-hour weekly

WeWork Hotdesk Membershipcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svg







Money-Back Guaranteecheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svgcheckmark-black.svg

Making education accessible

Select your region to see our financing options:  


Full-Time, finance for as low as



(for 36 months + $1.5K deposit)

Part-Time, finance for as low as



(for 36 months + $1.5K deposit)

Self-Paced, finance for as low as



(for 36 months + $1K deposit)

Dedicated to making our programs more accessible, we offer competitive financing options through Skills Fund and Climb, two industry-leading accelerated learning financing companies. Available only to those who qualify.

Pay Upfront

Full-Time Program



Part-Time Program



Self-Paced Program




Flatiron School Online Income Share Agreement — Available for Part-Time and Full-Time Courses

You can now defer your full-time or part-time online tuition with the Flatiron School Income Share Agreement, available in select states. There is no deposit required when you enroll, and the remainder of your tuition is paid once you’ve left the program and are earning a minimum income of $3,333.33 per month, annualized to $40,000 per year.


As a part of our ongoing effort to support diversity in tech, Flatiron is pleased to offer various scholarships to qualified women, minorities, and veterans, as well as merit-based scholarships. Schedule a Q&A with our Admissions team to hear more about our open scholarships.

WeWork Hot Desk Membership

With our full-time and part-time course pacing options, you can also connect in-person with other learners in your city and work in an inspiring, beautiful workspace with a one-year WeWork hot desk membership included in your tuition — valued at over $2,500 per year.

What the application process looks like

We don’t just admit individual students; we curate a community. Our online coding bootcamp students come from myriad backgrounds and prior career paths — ensuring that a diversity of thought and perspective enrich every student’s experience.

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Step 1 → Apply

Apply to the course. Tells us about yourself and why you want to start a career in code.

notebook-heads icon
Step 2 → Admissions Interview

Speak with a member of the Admissions team about your interests and ambitions. There is no technical preparation for this one.

What do we look for in a student?

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Step 3 → Technical Review

The technical review assesses your basic grip of coding and how it interacts with us daily. Showing proactiveness by completing steps on Learn, our learning platform, also helps.

What is a Technical Review?

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Step 4 → Admissions Decision

Receive your acceptance decision from Admissions. This usually happens within a couple of days.

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Step 5 → Pre-Work

If and when you are accepted, the next step is course pre-work so you’re ready for day one of the course.

Cohort Start DatePaceStatus
Jun 10, 2019Nov 8, 2019Full-timeClosing Soon
Jun 10, 2019Apr 24, 2020Part-timeClosing Soon
Jul 15, 2019Dec 13, 2019Full-timeOpen
Jul 15, 2019May 22, 2020Part-timeOpen
Aug 12, 2019Jan 24, 2020Full-timeOpen

You have questions; we have answers

How do I know which course pace is right for me? How big are the class sizes?
Full-Time Cohorts average about 20 students and Part-Time cohorts about 40. Which pacing option is right for you depends on two main considerations — how much time you can devote each week and what kind of learning environment you want. The Full-Time and Part-Time course paces provide assigned cohorts and require a minimum number of hours per week to drive program completion. Some people want that structure and accountability and are ready to commit that time. Other people with unpredictable schedules require a bit more flexibility and less structure, so they prefer the Self-Paced program. The Self-Paced option is also a good choice for students with a bit of background in code to guide themselves through the coursework.Note, all three of our course pace options offer the same industry-vetted software engineering curriculum.
How long is each program?

In the Full-Time Program, each of the five modules takes four weeks. With one week of a scheduled break, you can expect the entire program to take five months. Students choose when to commit the 40-50 hours per week of coursework.

In Part-Time, the modules take eight weeks and there are two scheduled one week breaks making the program last ten months. Students choose when to commit the 20-25 hours per week of coursework.

In Self-Paced you’ll progress through each module at your own speed, but the entire program must be complete within fifteen months.

Is there pre-work?
There is 100 hours of pre-work for the Full-time and Part-Time Structured courses. This is to ensure that students are all starting from the same point and prepared to move at the pace of the class when they start.
Why is the Full-Time program more expensive than the Part-Time program?

The Full-Time program is our most intensive program. You are in a cohort of only twenty other students and are assigned a dedicated instructor who is working online with you and your classmates every day. There is no other online program that we offer that has such intensive instructional resources, peer to peer support, and such accelerated progress. It’s our fastest-paced online program — allowing students to graduate in five months — with our lowest 20:1 student:instructor ratio of any online program — and actually, for any online program we’ve seen. The Full-Time program’s combination of intensive instruction and support is more comparable to our in-person Software Engineering Immersive offered in NYC, Washington D.C., London, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, and Chicago.

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