These Fathers Changed Their Lives and Became Software Engineers for Their Families

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Dads are stabilizing forces and tellers of bad jokes. They’re also people who want to live better lives and help their families. We’ve seen plenty of dads at Flatiron School who have decided to quit their jobs to pursue a better career and future for themselves and their families. They want to change things for the better— even if it means sacrificing some of that stability.

For Father’s Day, we want to highlight a few fathers who have improved their lives — and their families’ futures — through Flatiron School. Our dedicated community and flexibility helped these dads find a better future for their families.

Fathers coding with their kids

Happy, better, and stable

Michael C. was living the college life as a campus minister. The late nights weren’t so great as a new father with a young child at home. “A lot of meetings started at 9 p.m. and it was getting pretty hectic,” he says.

He needed to leave college and find a career that held meetings during the day. “I was looking for something more stable, in terms of hours, and, honestly, better financially as well,” he says.

Technology was a clear fit for Michael. He loved tech as a hobby and had some basic experience with HTML and CSS. After doing some research, he found us. The Online Software Engineering program was a good fit because it featured a great curriculum and he could learn on his schedule. He could work part-time and spend the remaining hours in the day learning to code and helping his wife with his daughter. “I was juggling all three. I spent alternating days coding and working at the college,” he says.

Working at a college meant having the summers off and Michael went full-time with Flatiron School. While he was progressing as a part-time student, he really felt the pressure of changing careers during the summer. “‘This is what you’re doing,’ I said to myself. ‘There’s no turning back. You quit your old job.’”

While he was learning online, he was not alone. There was a dedicated community to help at any hour of the day. “If I had a question at 11 p.m. at night, I could get an answer,” he says.

Over time, he was able to accomplish more and had the tools to learn new ways to help himself. He completed the program and is now a software developer at CRaKN. Not only did he learn the skills he needed to start a new career in tech, he feels like a new person. “The kind of peace of mind I have now, doing something that’s constantly changing and something I really enjoy, has made me a much happier person.”

With the help of Flatiron School, Michael was able to secure a better future for his family. Today, he has a second child and recently received a promotion.

Flexibility for the future

Brenden T. was a cameraman with a good salary. But he was traveling a lot for work and missing valuable time with his family. “I traveled nearly 90,000 miles in my first year. I barely saw my wife,” he says.

He soon realized that what he envisioned for his future may not happen if he stayed in this job. “I was going to have to sacrifice some of the time I wanted to spend with my family and I wasn’t willing to do that.”

Brenden thought, at this stage, going back to college could be considered a selfish thing to do. While he put his research on hold and started to look for jobs, he and his wife learned that they were going to be evicted from their home in New Jersey.

They decided, as a family, to move to Denver. His wife was pregnant and there was a lot of uncertainty about the future. While in a hotel room in Minneapolis for work, his mind turned to code. Brenden remembers saying to his wife that their children should learn to code and that it was the future. Since he thought it was that important, he decided to try it himself.

He found a link to our Coding Bootcamp Prep and was hooked. He applied and had great conversations with a member of our admissions team. Brenden appreciated the personal attention and enrolled in our Online Software Engineering program.

Our Online Software Engineering program was designed to be flexible. For Brenden, that ability to learn on his schedule was important as he helped support his family. The flexibility let him be a driver on multiple ride sharing apps. When his child was born, he didn’t code for a week. He could do freelance work, be a driver in the morning, take care of his family, and code later.

A typical day for Brenden looked like:

Brendan's Daily Routine

This schedule helped him earn a salary and help his family while he learned to code. Flatiron School’s flexibility helped him find a way to secure a better future for his family. He’s currently in the job search phase after graduating. He says he’s a happier person and confident that a new career as a software engineer was the right move for his family.

Headshot of Charles Poladian

Charles Poladian


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