Coding Bootcamp Prep Online

Start learning to code today with our comprehensive free online coding bootcamp prep — lessons in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and APIs. Our coding bootcamp prep lessons immerse you in programming from day one and is also the most effective way to get into today’s top coding bootcamps (including ours!).

Why learn with our free coding bootcamp prep lessons?

You can learn to code

Learning to code doesn't need to be intimidating — we've found that anyone with a passion for coding can do it.

Start with the most important basics

In our free coding lessons you'll learn the fundamentals of the most important coding languages — no fluff or filler.

Learn to code for free — no catch

All of our introductory lessons are free so you can see if coding is right for you before committing to a career-changing coding course.

Start now with HTML & CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, and API

Intro to HTML & CSS

HTML & CSS sit at the foundation of the internet. Learn how they work together to create websites and the overall web experience as we know it, and learn to code both for free with hands-on labs and tutorials.

Perfect for: Beginners with little tech experience

Topics covered: HTML Syntax, Boilerplate HTML, Common HTML Elements, Styling HTML Using CSS Selectors, Creating and Linking Stylesheets, Styling Text with CSS, CSS Box Models, Block, Inline, and Inline-Block Elements

Learn HTML & CSS

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand and exciting languages to learn for aspiring developers. Learn JavaScript fundamentals and learn how to think like a developer by exploring some of its key building blocks.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in more advanced coding

Topics covered: Programming as a Conversation, JavaScript Variables, JavaScript Data Types, Working with Strings, Boolean Expressions, Logical Operators

Learn JavaScript

Intro to Ruby

Ruby is one of the most popular scripting languages in web development, partly because of its popularity at some of tech's largest and most influential companies. Learn how to code Ruby basics for free with this hands-on Ruby tutorial and workshop.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in apps and how they work

Topics covered: Introduction to Variables, Printing to the Console, Common Data Types, Conditional Statements, Looping, Methods

Learn Ruby

Intro to API Integration

APIs are how different databases talk and communicate. Learn how APIs are used to integrate yours or someone else's data into another data set or application. You'll also learn how different programming languages are used to code different APIs.

Perfect for: Beginners interested in how systems work together

Topics covered: Fetching API Data with JavaScript, Using Data with HTML, JavaScript Syntax, HTTP

Learn API Integration

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Frequently asked questions about our free coding bootcamp prep lessons

Is bootcamp prep really free?

Yes! Our coding bootcamp prep lessons do not require any credit card information and does not have a time limit. You’ll begin learning to code alongside thousands of fellow students and have full access to our HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and API lessons.

Are your coding bootcamp prep lessons an actual free online programming bootcamp?

No, while Coding Bootcamp Prep consists of HTML, CSS, Ruby, and JavaScript lessons and labs, it covers just a fraction of the material in our immersive career-changing coding bootcamp.

If you do decide to pursue a programming career, our immersive coding bootcamp provides an in-depth curriculum and unmatched career support.