Flatiron School Launches First Ever Cybersecurity Analytics Course in London

Just in time for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re launching our first Cybersecurity Analytics course on our London campus.

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Just in time for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re launching our first Cybersecurity Analytics course on our London campus. There is an imminent and growing need for cybersecurity around the world. In response, Flatiron School acquired SecureSet, a leading provider of cybersecurity education. As the founder of SecureSet, I'm proud to join the Flatiron School family and bring our curriculum to a global community of lifelong learners.  With Flatiron School, we are expanding upon our mission to help combat the influx of cybersecurity threats. 

Cybersecurity London Announce

Our Cybersecurity Analytics program is designed to help students develop skills they need to handle rapidly-advancing security threats, and it takes just 12 weeks. We teach them how to set traps and catch threat actors online. I couldn’t be more proud of the curriculum that we’ve built that offers Londoners one of the most complete, immersive, and efficient cybersecurity education programs in the U.K. 

Starting today, London students can apply for classes.

Cybersecurity Stats

While there’s an extensive number of cybersecurity jobs around the globe, there’s not nearly enough talent to keep up with demand. A recent study by the Global Information Security Workforce shows that there could be around 100,000 open cybersecurity jobs available in the E.U. by 2022.

London has a high concentration of financial, legal, and insurance institutions, all of which are in need of top tier cybersecurity talent to help guard sensitive information from security threats. In fact, 25% of all malware targets are financial services companies and credit card fraud is up 200%. 

Our mission at Flatiron School is to help people pursue a better life through education. By launching cybersecurity in the U.K., we’ll be able to help even more people gain the skills they need to change their careers and lives, and to contribute to filling the ever growing skills gap for cybersecurity talent in the U.K. Together, we can help graduates in the U.K. launch careers in this in-demand field, and help protect companies against evolving cyber threats.

To help Londoners change their careers with confidence, Flatiron School will offer our industry-leading job placement support and Money-back Guarantee (see details). The inaugural Cybersecurity Analytics course begins on 27 January 2020 on our London campus at Finsbury Pavement. Apply today or learn more about our program.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of October 1, 2019. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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