Flatiron School Commits to Increasing Access to Education with $100M in Funding for Income Share Agreements

Today we announced we will be committing $100 million to funding Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to help make tech education and a career in the industry more accessible across its campuses.

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Flatiron School, the NYC founded school that specializes in teaching students tech skills like Software Engineering, Data Science and UX/UI Design, today announced it will be committing $100 million to funding Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to help make tech education and a career in the industry more accessible across its campuses.

“Flatiron School is committed to providing access to a transformative education that connects students, from all walks and stages of life, to careers in tech,” said Flatiron School CEO and Co-founder Adam Enbar. “This substantial investment enables us to offer a new financing option that opens pathways to education and workforce development for more people than ever before.”

TheFlatiron School ISA allows students to pay the majority of their tuition after they have left Flatiron School and then only after securing annual income of at least $40,000 (calculated as monthly gross income of at least $3,333.34). Only a small tuition deposit is due at the time of enrollment. ISAs innovate on the traditional student finance model by aligning tuition payments with job outcomes, providing a manageable income-based payment option. Helping people transform their careers is core to Flatiron School’s mission. To that end, Flatiron School has led the way in transparent student job placement data, having released the first outcomes report verified by a third party CPA firm in 2014.

According to its most recent verifiedOutcomes Report for the New York City campus, 97 percent of job-seeking students accepted full-time salaried, full-time contract or apprenticeship, or part-time job offers during the reporting period. The Flatiron School ISA reflects Flatiron’s continued commitment to providing access to education for people from all backgrounds and helping them bring their careers to the next level for today’s economy

“Technology roles are one of the most in-demand for today’s job market, yet there is not nearly enough talent to meet the growing demand,” said Pete Barth, General Manager of Flatiron School. “We are proud to offer ISAs to help close the talent gap by creating a new entry point to the tech industry and providing top talent for employers.”ISAs are currently available for select courses to students attending our on-campus career immersives in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, D.C., Denver, and Seattle, and will be expanded as Flatiron secures regulatory approval in additional states.

For more information on the Flatiron School ISA program, please visit flatironschool.com/income-share-agreement-isa.

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