Announcing Flatiron School’s 2018 Online Job Outcomes Report

Posted by Flatiron School  /  October 4, 2018

Flatiron School is proud to announce the release of our 2018 Online Job Outcomes Report. The 2018 report includes Flatiron School students who completed the Online Software Engineering Bootcamp between Nov. 15, 2015 and Dec. 31, 2017. Representing 229 students, it is among the largest third-party verified reports for an online bootcamp.In this latest report, Flatiron School collected outcomes data for 99 percent of job-seeking students, defined as those commencing a job search within 90 days following graduation, and continuously job-seeking for a full 180 days. 94 percent of those students accepted jobs, with an average starting salary of $66,774 for those accepting full-time salaried roles (72%), and $28/hour for those accepting full-time contract, internship, apprenticeship, or freelance roles, or part-time work. Since 2012, our mission has been to enable the pursuit of a better life through education. We’ve done this by offering incredible scholarship opportunities, launching six campuses since being acquired by WeWork in 2017, and creating a best-in-class in-person and online learning experience (Note: Flatiron School is no longer a part of WeWork).

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Job report pioneers

Flatiron School pioneered the concept of  independently-verified Jobs Outcome reports by having our reports audited by a third party This ensures our reporting and methods are accurate. Every student should receive a great return from their education and our Jobs Reports help us maintain a level of excellence that students have come to expect from Flatiron School. In our 2018 Online Job Outcomes Report we continue to set high standards for reporting quality. We're proud to have among the largest third-party verified job outcomes reports.

Strong growth

The number of students included in this year’s report (229) is nearly triple the number in the 2017 report (81), representing a 183% increase in sample size. Within this large sample size, we discovered some important trends that highlight the overall quality of a Flatiron School education.First, we’re making progress towards gender parity: 31% of students in this report are women, which is above national averages for postsecondary education. Second, students are landing tech jobs: 100% of job offers accepted by job-seeking students were in technical disciplines, including technical teaching.That means our students are getting jobs where they can apply skills and knowledge learned at Flatiron School. And it means employers looking for in-demand technical talent are hiring Flatiron School graduates. This last point is especially salient given the future of the tech industry.

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What’s next for Flatiron School

Some of the largest companies in the world are dropping college degree requirements for employment. Tech leaders such as Google, Apple, and IBM have dropped degree requirements. Technical knowledge, soft skills, and tangible knowhow are more important than ever. Every Flatiron School career-change bootcamp prepares students to think like a software engineer or data scientist. Not only do they have the skills to succeed, they are able to communicate and work across multiple teams.At Flatiron School, we want tech to be inclusive and reflect the diverse voices across the world. While it is not reflected in the 2018 Online Outcomes Report, over 50 percent of students currently enrolled in our online bootcamps are women. We’re excited to promote gender parity and diversity in our classrooms and in tech through incredible scholarship opportunities. We’re excited about our 2018 Online Outcomes Report and look forward to further our mission of delivering a best-in-class education.