Expanding our Women Take Tech Initiative with Ellevest

Posted by Flatiron School  /  October 4, 2017

We’re excited to announce an expansion of our Women Take Tech initiative through a new partnership with Ellevest, the first-of-its-kind digital investment platform for women. Flatiron School will be awarding 50 women 50% scholarships to our Online Web Developer Program – cutting tuition to $750/month. We’re teaming up with Ellevest to spread the word about these new scholarships and share their insights on helping women thrive. Click below to apply, or read on for more details!

Blog post image: WTT_Scholarship_Promo_1.png

We created Women Take Tech to increase opportunity for future female software engineers and bring gender equality to tech. Already we’ve awarded scholarships to hundreds of women through partnerships with Birchbox, Bustle, and She Geeks Out, and we’re thrilled to continue to expand this initiative with Ellevest’s help. “Education is one of the most powerful investments a woman will make. Across the country, women are increasingly interested in learning technical skills like coding that will open the door to their future career,” said Kristi Riordan, COO of Flatiron School. “We are thrilled to partner with Ellevest to create more opportunities for women to launch their career in tech and achieve their future goals.” Both Flatiron School and Ellevest recognize that the tech and finance industries have traditionally been dominated, built by – and marketed towards – men. Together, we hope to help redefine these industries.  

Scholarship details

Flatiron School will award 50 women 50% scholarships to our Online Web Developer Program, cutting their tuition to $750/month for the duration of the program. We invite you to apply for one of 50 Women Take Tech scholarships by clicking the link below. Let’s change the face of tech together.