Cool Coding Careers

Cool coding careers

Finding a job that you enjoy and find rewarding is critical to happiness at work. In this post, we’ve collected some exciting career paths for software engineers that combine interests with abilities (also known as a dream job!). 

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Finding a job that you enjoy and find rewarding is critical to happiness at work. In fact, surveys have found that purpose is a top factor when measuring professional satisfaction. (1) 

While the jobs that initially come to mind for software engineers are some variation of “software developer” and “computer programmer”, these are by no means where opportunity ends. In the modern digital world, there are dozens of career paths and industries where software engineers are needed. 

In this post, we’ve collected some exciting career paths for software engineers that combine interests with abilities (also known as a dream job!). 

Cool Coding Careers To Consider

If you want to combine your interests with a career, consider these 8 cool coding careers. 

Video Game Developer

Are you a gamer outside of office hours? If you love video games and working with computers then a career in video game development could be a dream job. 

Video game developers transform games from a concept into a playable reality. They code visual elements, program features, and test iterations until the game is released to the public. After release, they fix bugs and develop additional features (aka DLC). 

Average Salary: $95,658*

VR/AR Developer

Virtual reality and augmented reality developers create extended reality programs that interface with the real world. They design, develop, and test VR/AR software for use in fields ranging from gaming (see above) and immersive entertainment to medical training and military applications.  

Average Salary: $102,439*

Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer creates applications for mobile devices. They typically work with popular operating systems such as iOS and Android and often incorporate UX / UI design principles.

Average Salary: $107,921*

Ethical Hacker

Sometimes called a “white hat”, ethical hackers detect vulnerabilities in an organization’s digital infrastructure by breaking into it. They work to improve security and prevent breaches. Ethical hackers can be employed full-time by an organization, as a freelancer, or go after “bounties” offered by an organization.

Average Salary: $116,701*

R&D Software Engineer

An R&D software engineer conducts research and development to improve the products or services offered by their employer. They inform stakeholders’ decision-making, determine which technologies to use, and how to implement them to achieve the company’s goal.

Average Salary: $125,832*

Technical Recruiter

A Technical Recruiter works on an HR or recruiting team to scout employees for technical roles. They often (but not always) have a background in the field they are recruiting for and are primarily responsible for building out teams of skilled hires for a dynamic technical team.

Average Salary: $83,178*

Technical Product Manager

A technical product manager is responsible for the success of a particular product line or offering in a company. They work with the teams building, marketing, selling, and supporting their product to satisfy customer needs and meet shareholder goals.

Unlike a traditional product manager, technical product managers typically possess advanced engineering and design skills and qualifications.

Average Salary: $122,380*

Technical Product Marketing Manager

Technical Product Marketing Managers work with marketing, engineering, business development, and sales to understand the competitive landscape and competitor details.

They create, maintain, and enable sales on competitive content (such as SWOT analysis, positioning, and company/product research) and inform product marketing and product management decisions.

Average Salary: $122,063*

How To Break Into The Field

No matter your level of experience in software engineering, an exciting career in the field can be yours. In the current red-hot market for technical graduates, there are more job openings than there are skilled professionals to fill them. If you’re looking to break into the field and get hired for one of these cool coding careers, the time is now! 

To be a competitive applicant for these coveted software engineering career paths, gaining an educational certificate from an established training organization like Flatiron School can super-charge your application and make you stand out among a sea of hopefuls. 

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*Salaries cited current from Glassdoor as of July 2022



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