The #BacktoCode Check-In: Week 4

By Flatiron SchoolSeptember 25, 2017

Today marks the start of the last week of the #BacktoCode Challenge – a 21-day learning challenge, featuring weekly code challenges, prizes, and lectures, and a motivated community of aspiring programmers pushing each other toward their coding goals. Below you’ll find our third weekly check-in on how the challenge has been going and what’s coming up for this final week of the challenge

Last Week: Get Social

Last week, we asked challengers to sprint to the finish line and hit their challenge goals while getting social – leveraging the power of learning with a community and learning about the industry practice of pair programming.

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This Week: Get Proud

This week, we’re asking challengers to Get Proud and showcase their entire #BacktoCode Challenge experience.

  • Challenge:

  • Prize: Soon, we’ll be announcing the winner of our grand prize – a full scholarship to Flatiron School’s Online Web Developer Program – to one challenger who hit their coding goals and embodied the spirit of the challenge.

  • Community: Inspired by the dedication of the #BacktoCode community, we’ve decided to keep the Challenge Facebook group going beyond the end of the challenge (don’t be alarmed if you see a name change), and we hope you’ll continue to share your experiences there.

  • Events: Curious about our online program? Join us on Thursday, September 28 at 5pm EST for a Live Info Session on our Online Web Developer Program. Get your own coding journey started with Flatiron School’s free Bootcamp Prep course and keep your eyes peeled for the grand prize winner announcement!

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