Announcing Our #Back2Code Challenge for 2018

Posted by Flatiron School  /  September 19, 2018

The leaves are falling, a new season is set to begin, and students are going back to school. And in the spirit of starting anew, it’s also the perfect time to revisit a few things that may have been forgotten. Whether it was because of work, fun, life, or something else, it’s never too late to finish something you’ve started. That’s why we’re excited to announce #Back2Code, beginning Oct. 1.  Best of all, you’ll earn a $1,500 scholarship by completing the challenge.

There are lots of reasons why you might have started to learn how to code at Flatiron School, but stopped somewhere along the way. We get it, and we’ve all been there before. But we want to help you get back to code through a series of challenges that’ll reignite your path toward becoming a seasoned coding vet.

For people who haven’t started their coding journey — but have always wanted to – #Back2Code is also a great place to start! No judgment here.

Here’s what you need to do to complete the #Back2Code challenge:

Blog post image: Back2Code-01-1.png

Step 1: Take our quiz to find the course you’ll love.

Step 2: Download our syllabus or Jobs Outcome Report. You’ll learn more about Flatiron, our curriculum, and how we’re helping students begin their careers as software engineers.

Step 3: Attend a webinar or in-person #Back2Code event. You’ll get to code with a group of people and learn more about the tech community in your city.

Step 4: You’re ready to start your coding journey.

After these four steps, you’ve figured out what Flatiron School course is right for you, learned more about our curriculum and the programming languages we teach, and discovered there’s an inclusive tech community in your city that’s waiting for you. So, why not take our Coding Bootcamp Prep course or our Data Science Bootcamp Prep course? The final challenge requires completing the first 10 lessons in either of these prep courses.

It’s a lot of work, but it’ll give you a clear understanding of how we teach and train students to become software engineers or data scientists. There’s also the added incentive of an automatic $1,500 scholarship to any of our career courses.

Another way to earn the #Back2Code scholarship is by completing the first 15 lessons of the Bootcamp Prep Course or the Data Science Bootcamp Prep Course. All students who have already completed the first 10 lessons in either prep course are also eligible for the #Back2Code scholarship.

The #Back2Code challenge runs from 10/01 to 10/07. Sign up today!