Avi Flombaum and Karlie Kloss Share Advice on Learning To Code

Posted by Flatiron School  /  December 12, 2018

We’re excited to participate in the CS Ed Week to raise awareness about the power of code and computer science. There are so many great reasons to learn code and we’re not the only ones who feel that way. Karlie Kloss understands the transformative power of code through her own learning experience and through her incredible initiative, Kode With Klossy.

Karlie sat down with Avi Flombaum, co-founder of Flatiron School as well as her instructor, to discuss all things code in a live Twitter Q&A. In case you missed it, here are a few of the inspirational and informative insights from Karlie and Avi. You can read the full Q&A here.

Hey Shari! Congrats ??from @karliekloss @aviflombaum. So excited to have you! #KoderQuery

— Flatiron School (@FlatironSchool) December 4, 2018


Shari is starting her own coding journey with Flatiron School next week. First, congrats! Second, Shari wanted to know if Karlie and Avi could share some advice to make her journey with a code a successful one. Karlie's response? Don't be so hard on yourself, while Avi recommends working hard and staying positive.

Take a deep breath, meditate, step outside. Also, join a coder COMMUNITY ??! It's so helpful to have a community of people who you can code with, bounce ideas off of, and (v important) take a break with!!! These can be your IRL friends, or even, an online community #KoderQuery

— Kode With Klossy (@kodewithklossy) December 4, 2018

There will be times in your coding journey where it will be difficult. Learning something new always comes certain challenges. Karlie recommends stepping back and taking a deep breath before diving back into code. Don’t get frustrated and know that there is a solution out there. She also recommends joining a coding community. Programmers and developers love supporting one another. Your fellow coders have been where you are and know the value of a support system.

In our list of ways to improve the way you code, we share that learning code may feel like an impossible task, but don’t give up! There’s no greater feeling than successfully tackling a challenge.

@karliekloss and I are both Rubyists! But all languages are great, pick one, stick with it! #Ruby #repost

— Avi Flombaum (@aviflombaum) December 5, 2018


We usually get asked about learning the “right” coding language. Turns out, there’s no such thing as the right language. While Kalie and Avi both prefer Ruby, it’s not the “best” language. It’s the best language for them. We recommend reading “Why Teach Ruby” to learn more about Avi’s passion for Ruby. Based on your preferences, and reasons for learning code, you may find yourself falling in love with JavaScript, HTML, or Python.
“Is coding for me?” That’s another question we get asked frequently. Again, there’s no right or best answer. We do know that learning code is a personal choice. Our alumni all have different backgrounds, levels of technical proficiency, and experiences. Yet, they’ve chosen code because they wanted to change their careers and lives.

If you want to learn more about coding, we suggest taking our free Coding Bootcamp Prep course. You’ll learn coding basics using real developer tools and it’s a great introduction to our curriculum, the platform, and the bootcamp experience.`