19 Reasons to Start Coding in 2019

It’s that time of year again, where you reflect on everything you accomplished (maybe) and look ahead to what’s next (definitely). Fortunately for you, we’ve got just the New Year’s resolution for you. And if you couldn’t guess it by the headline of this post, well, it’s that you should learn to code. And this […]

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It’s that time of year again, where you reflect on everything you accomplished (maybe) and look ahead to what’s next (definitely). Fortunately for you, we’ve got just the New Year’s resolution for you. And if you couldn’t guess it by the headline of this post, well, it’s that you should learn to code. And this is the place to start. Flatiron School is participating in the Hour of Code, which raises awareness of the power of code through one-hour activities, and we think — no, we know— that it’s a great way to begin your coding education.Whether it’s for practical reasons or more aspirational reasons, we encourage everyone to start coding in 2019. In fact, we have at least 19 great reasons to start learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and any other programming language next year.

1. Get a new job in a growing industry


Learning code unlocks job opportunities today, tomorrow, the day after that, and for years to come. Software developer jobs are projected to increase by 24% between 2016 and 2026, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Want further proof? Search Glassdoor or any other job board for software engineer or developer openings.

2. Learn a universal language that people around the world use

Here’s some advice from Karlie Kloss, founder of Kode with Klossy. She recommends learning code so you can understand the language that’s being used to create the technology that’s impacting your life on a daily basis. Those apps and websites you visit every day didn’t create themselves.

3. And fall in love with it


Learning any language instantly connects you to its culture and all the beauty within. You’ll have that same experience when learning code. It’s a special moment when, after working so hard, everything clicks and you understand how and why things are happening. That understanding is your first step toward change.

4. Join an incredible community with its eyes set on helping one another

Coders love working together and have created some of the most vibrant virtual and in-person communities across the globe. Whether it’s on Slack, at weekly or monthly Meetups, or on Github, coders are constantly talking to—and supporting—each other.

5. Enrich yourself by challenging yourself


Learning to code means challenging yourself. You’ll struggle, have breakthroughs, and will come out of it as a better person. You’ll gain a new way of thinking through problems and maybe even see the world a bit differently.

6. Learn how languages designed for different purposes work together to create the internet, machines, and so much more

Java, Ruby, Python, HTML, and so many others are more than just programming languages. They are powering the largest companies in the world and can also help you on a daily basis.

7. Solve real problems that need real solutions


Some of our alumni are using code to solve incredible problems. You could create a website or app that aids a charitable organization or can be used to help others in need.

8. Impress your parents

No, setting up their printer doesn’t make you the family tech wiz (OK, maybe it does). But, learning code—and explaining what you’ve learned in a technical and detailed way—is being a true wiz.

9. Build a better social media platform


Learning code gives you the power to change the digital world. If you’re unhappy with how conversations are happening on social media, or want your community to be better represented, you can create your own space with code.

10. Add your voice to tech

You’ll add your own experience, background, and ideas to the tech landscape by learning code. That’s incredibly important and helps create technology that better represents everyone.

11. Join a startup and start that cool startup life

No, ping pong tables and beer on tap isn’t the mark of a good company or even a cool one. But many startups boast highly sought perks like unlimited paid time off, great benefits, and decent food.

12. Go to space (sort of)


Learn code that could help land a human on Mars or the moon. NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, and Blue Origin are just a handful of aerospace companies that need software engineers and tech talent.

13. Be happy by opening up doors to opportunities that align with your passion

Learning code leads to new ideas and places. Considering the growth of tech jobs, you could argue it’s the best step toward career happiness.

14. Be someone else’s inspiration

You can be someone else’s inspiration to code. And how cool is that? For various reasons, a lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of learning code. You can change that and show them that anyone, anywhere, can learn how to code.

15. Explain how the internet works to your grandparents

Though we suggest starting with the basics. Like, the basic basics. But, learning to code and getting a full grasp of how everything works together helps you convey those basics. You’ll be able to talk about front-end web development, back-end development, Amazon’s recommendation algorithm, and how Netflix knows what movies you like.

16. It’s fun


And we’re not just saying that. So many of our students mention how they went into class to improve their career and ended up surprised at how much they enjoyed the broad experience of learning code. Win/win.

17. DIY with all things computers

Instead of waiting for someone else to fix a problem, you’ll be able to solve it yourself. Whether it’s a problem with your website or something you’ve noticed at work, you can create a solution with code.

18. Learn jargon and impress your friends

Just think of all the new terminology you’ll learn. Talk about algorithms, beta tests, agile development, or bugs and your friends will walk away impressed and slightly confused. First impressing your parents and now your friends. Well, look at you.

19. Why not?

At Flatiron School, we always encourage people to be lifelong learners. So why not learn something that impacts the world every single day. There’s nothing stopping you from learning code. Even with all of these completely valid reasons, perhaps the best reason to learn how to code is for yourself. There may be some material benefit for you, but there’s nothing more satisfying than challenging yourself and learning something new about yourself in the process.

If you want to learn more about coding, we’re here to help! Our alumni have incredible stories about their individual journeys and how code has changed their life. If you want to jump right in, we recommend our free Coding Bootcamp Prep and Data Science Bootcamp Prep courses that’ll train you to solve actual problems using real-world tools.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is current as of December 4, 2018. Current policies, offerings, procedures, and programs may differ.

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