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The Power of Variables: Storing and Using Information

Variables are one of the most important concepts in programming. Read on to learn how to think about them intuitively.
Tech Trends

The Logic Within: Demystifying Conditional Statements and Loops

Build strong coding foundations by learning the coding building blocks. You can apply these concepts in almost any programming language.
Tech Trends

The Building Blocks of Code: Understanding Programming Variables, Data Types, and Operators

Learn some of the foundational building blocks of programming languages so you can start learning to code in any language.
Career Advice

How to Continue Learning After Graduating from a Software Engineering Bootcamp

Are you thinking about how to learn in an unstructured environment, post-bootcamp graduation? This post will offer tips and strategies for how to succeed in moving your new career forward.
Career Advice

System Design Overview for Bootcamp Grads

In the fast-paced world of technology, a solid understanding of system design is crucial for bootcamp graduates aiming to excel in their careers.
Career Advice

GitHub Profile and Git Practices for Job Seekers

Stand out in your job search and interviews with a unique GitHub profile and industry-standard commit practices.
Career Advice

System Design Interview Overview for Software Engineers

System design interviews are open-ended and test different skills than coding-based interviews. This post will clarify the interview process and give you guidelines to start preparing for one today.
Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying AI and ML: An Intro for Bootcamp Grads

Software engineers don’t just use AI chatbots in their work. Here’s an overview of how AI is incorporated into software engineering along with free resources to get you started.