Start your iOS coding journey

In this free intro course, you’ll learn iOS programming fundamentals in Apple’s exciting new language and start your journey toward a coding career. 

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Free Course (No Catch)

This full 125+ hour online course is 100% free. No credit card required; no trial period or expiration date, so you can learn on your schedule.

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Learn Online, Not Alone

Our active and passionate community of online students is ready to help you get unstuck when you need help through a slew of social learning tools.

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Explore Your Future in Tech

This course is a great way to experience Flatiron School’s culture, curriculum, and community firsthand – and to see if you’re passionate about pursuing code as a career.

Rigorous Coding Education

This course is an efficient way to get hands-on experience with programming tools and fundamentals you’ll need to attend a coding bootcamp or start a tech career.


Start thinking like an iOS developer

Swift is a key component of developing iOS, tvOS, MacOS and WatchOS applications, and it has quickly become one of the fastest growing programming languages in history. Apple themselves are beginning to implement a lot of the apps you see on your home screen in Swift. Now that Swift is open, you’ll be able to apply your Swift skills to an even broader range of platforms – from mobile devices to the desktop to the cloud.

Build your iOS programming portfolio

Build your iOS programming portfolio

Students build various applications throughout the course which lay the foundation for creating more complex apps. Projects include:

  • A real-life die roll on screen
  • An app that acts like a light bulb and shines with different colors
  • A quiz game application
  • A Simon Says application
  • A blackjack game
  • War! game application
  • Shopping cart application

Final Project

    The course culminates in a more rigorous final project that utilizes the skills gained from building the smaller applications. In this project, students will build a full-fledged working application that searches for movie titles using the IMDB API.

    Flatiron Online

    Why learn online with Flatiron School?

    Learn.co, the proprietary learning platform that powers the Flatiron online experience, is the world’s most sophisticated product for learning code. Students on Learn.co interact with a worldwide community of students and instructors and harness real developer tools to truly learn by doing.

    Ready to learn how to code?

    Ready to learn how to code?

    Start learning Swift – for free and on your schedule. Setup is quick and works on virtually any computer so you can be coding in minutes.


    You have questions; we have answers

    • Who is this course for?

      Whether you’re a complete beginner to programming or have been working with other languages and want to learn more about iOS, this course is for you!

      • Complete beginners curious about programming
      • Non-technical professionals interested in developing their own application
      • Proficient web developers who want to broaden their expertise to mobile development
      • Mobile developers who use Objective-C and want to get up to speed with Swift
      • Anyone who wants to take their Swift skills to the next level
    • Is Swift: Building iOS Apps really free?

      Yes, our Swift: Building iOS Apps course does not require any credit card information and does not have a time limit. You’ll begin learning to code alongside a community of fellow students and have full access to 125+ hours of Swift lessons and labs.

    • Do I need to finish all of Swift: Building iOS Apps to apply to Flatiron School?

      While making progress in our free courses is the best way to strengthen your application to our Online Web Developer Program and NYC Software Engineering Immersive, finishing the full Swift: Building iOS Apps course is not required to apply. This free course is meant to help you gauge whether you want to pursue a lifelong programming career, and whether you can successfully learn to code through our teaching techniques and technology.

      Our admissions team primarily wants to see consistency in how you’re preparing. You’re encouraged to apply for our Online Web Developer Program or NYC Software Engineering Immersive as soon as you feel ready to commit your time and energy to an immersive program. (Note: It’s important to understand that your initial application and interview is a way to for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us, and includes no technical questions.)

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