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Flatiron School is a global school started in New York that trains students in 21st-century skills like software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. Flatiron School's On-Campus and Online immersive courses have a proven track record of impressive job-placement results and include dedicated Career Coaching and employment support.

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Flatiron School Announces its Return to Campuses and New Course Formats
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Flatiron School Appoints Kate Cassino as CEO

Flatiron School announced the appointment of experienced edtech executive Kate Cassino as Chief Executive Officer. 

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Coding Bootcamps Such as Flatiron School Offer Valuable Tech Education to Boost College ROI

Tech-oriented bootcamps are quietly reshaping education and training in the United States. The courses at Flatiron School are a prime example, as they provide more fast-paced, targeted study opportunities than four-year degree programs at traditional colleges and universities.

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Off the beaten path: How alternative learning results in high-paying tech jobs

"It is possible to reinvent your career, and by extension, your life––without following traditional paths of learning," said Adam Enbar, co-founder and CEO of Flatiron School.

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Alternative education is helping women enter careers in tech

The 2019 Jobs Report from Flatiron School provides an interesting overview of employability across the tech sector, and this year, alternative education takes center stage.

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How did local Flatiron School grads fare in their job searches in 2018?

The report shares insights about how many students graduated from the NYC-based company’s online and on-campus programs, the time it took to connect students with a job post-graduation, average salary and more.

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Mid-Career Professionals Look for a Reboot at Coding Boot Camps

Some middle-aged people seeking a career change are enrolling in New York City schools—with varying degrees of success.

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How Flatiron School makes new programmers — in just 12 weeks

With a new take on education that falls somewhere between self-taught prodigy and four-year computer science degree, Flatiron School promises to turn students with no coding experience into developers.

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WeWork's Flatiron School acquires Chicago design school Designation

WeWork’s Flatiron School, the coding boot camp purchased last year by the $40 billion co-working startup, has acquired Designation, a Chicago-based, for-profit design education school, the company told Reuters on Tuesday.

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Flatiron School Takes a Softly, Softly Approach To London Launch

Established in the US in 2012 , Flatiron School runs coding training programs — often referred to as bootcamps — that make a point of recruiting a proportion of candidates from communities that are generally underrepresented in the digital economy workplace. 

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SeatGeek, Flatiron School want to help women pursue tech education

Kristi Riordan, COO of Flatiron School, joins Cheddar to discuss its partnership with SeatGeek to provide scholarships for women pursuing an education in technology.

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WeWork to open SF coding school — with refunds If students don’t get jobs

In June 2019, Flatiron School opened its doors in San Francisco to help anyone who wants to enter the tech industry in the world's most important tech hub.

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