NYC Web Development Fellowship

Program Details

The NYC Web Development Fellowship was an intensive training program that Flatiron School offered in 2015 designed to train New Yorkers with no prior coding experience to become production-ready web developers. Provided by the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and the Workforce Development Corporation in partnership with the Flatiron School, the 22-week program was provided free of cost to participants and included a five-month on-campus training, a 12-week paid internship, and connection to jobs in technology. After the culmination of the NYC Web Development Fellowship, the program’s success was covered in publications like the NYTimes and the Observer.

The 32 students accepted into the program were required to be residents of NYC, have had no experience as a professional web developer, have earned less than $50,000 per year, and not have received a 4-year college degree.

The program was adapted from Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Immersive—a course that has successfully prepared hundreds of students for the workforce and helped them find web development jobs.

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While Flatiron School no longer offers the NYC Web Development Fellowship, we do still offer a range of scholarships to diverse applicants across our many campuses and disciplines: