NYC Mobile Dev Corps

Read about our 2016 iOS Fellowship Program for low-income New Yorkers, offered through the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline.

This offer is from 2016, and is no longer active.

About the Program

Flatiron School’s Mobile Dev Corps was a full-time, intensive program designed to train low-income New Yorkers with no prior coding experience to become production-ready mobile developers. This program, one of a number of Fellowship Programs launched by Flatiron School, was offered at no cost through New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline and included MetroCards and other support throughout training.

Our Alumni

This fellowship program helped students with no prior coding experience reinvent their careers and transform their lives. Read a few of their stories below.

Daniel Adeyanju

Daniel grew up in the Bronx before graduating from Binghamton University and landing an operations role in an online food delivery service company. But Daniel wasn’t satisfied. He always considered himself a creative problem solver with a knack for results. Most importantly, he loves building things that have a positive social impact.

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Stephanie Guevara

After graduating Hunter College, Stephanie worked at Macy’s in the Buying department, feeling that she wasn’t living up to her potential. Today, she is an iOS Developer at LegalShield, building their flagship iPhone app Shake, which gives people the power to create their own legal agreements using only a mobile device.

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Our Mobile Dev Corps Program taught Corps Members everything they needed to build advanced mobile applications, both independently and in teams. This robust course was designed to teach Corps Members to think, and build, like software engineers.

  • Practice object-oriented and functional programming techniques in both Objective-C and Swift

  • Create beautiful mobile applications by utilizing the various features of UIKit

  • Store data locally and remotely using Core Data and Firebase

  • Conquer data-rich web APIs

  • Discover and integrate open-source code repositories into your applications

  • Create a detailed work history on GitHub

Acknowledging that working as an iOS developer requires proficiency in both Objective-C and Swift, our curriculum focused on teaching Corps Members both languages as well as the ability to create hybrid applications. Keeping in mind that Corps Members would submit their projects to Apple’s App Store, excellent coding practices were encouraged across both languages. Corps Members learned how to build responsive, sleek mobile applications that looked great on every screen size.

They did so by solving hundreds of test-driven labs, developing several projects, and taking live assignments with Flatiron School instructors to verify their progress.

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