Our Atlanta Courses

Our full-time Career Change courses, focuses on those looking to reinvent their career as software engineers or data scientist. Whether you’re looking for a full-time, in-person course or for something online, Flatiron School’s modernized and comprehensive programs ensure students are qualified to get jobs as developers or data scientists upon graduation.

  • Deferred Tuition
    15 weeks
    Software Engineering

    Our flagship program. Since 2012, we’ve been teaching students full stack JavaScript and Ruby and helping them launch careers as web developers at companies including Spotify, The New York Times, NASA, and hundreds more.

  • Deferred Tuition
    15 weeks
    Data Science

    At Flatiron School Atlanta, we’re more than just a data science. We bring together passionate instructors, uncompromising education, verified outcomes, and an inclusive student community to fuel an authentic and open learning environment.

  • Varied length
    Online Software Engineering

    Our Career Change coding bootcamp that gives students the skills and experience to become well-rounded software engineers in as little as five months. Consider your goals, pick your pace, and relaunch your career path.

  • varied Length
    Online Data Science

    Our Career Change data science program provides the breadth and depth needed to become a well-rounded data scientist and break into one of the tech industry’s most coveted sectors. This course can be taken as a full-time or part-time course, as well as self-paced.

  • Varied Length
    Online UX/UI Design

    Learn the user experience, client management, technical, and practical skills necessary to launch a successful career as a user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designer in 24 weeks.

The Campus

Located in Midtown at Colony Square, our campus combines classic Flatiron School collaboration with the modern aesthetic of WeWork. Students are immersed with fellow learned, passionate instructors, and an industry-leading curriculum.


1175 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30361
(404) 458-1106

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Get collaborative

Students work together, allowing ideas to form through collaboration – and fast friendships to grow among classmates.

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Get job-ready

Students work like they’re on a real dev team, receiving industry-approved programming training from the best faculty in the business.

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Get inspired

Our students challenge and energize one another. They push each other to do more, think bigger, and go further than they ever could on their own.


Our Events

Events come in all shapes and sizes. Meet beginner coders, advanced coders, and everything in between. Or just get to know our staff!

  • Atlanta Meetup and Other Events

    Attend events like Free Coding Basics for Non-Techies and professional coder panels at Flatiron School’s Atlanta campus at 1175 Peachtree St NE!

    Day and Time Varies
  • Atlanta Campus Tours

    Considering studying with us at our Atlanta campus? Come take a tour with a member of our staff! Get acquainted with instructors, students, and see your future classroom.

    Day and Time Varies
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Can't make it to Campus? Check out one of our upcoming webinars instead!

Questions about our Atlanta programs?

Contact our admissions team – they’re here to help. They’re reachable via email at admissions@flatironschool.com; by phone at 888-958-0569; or just click “schedule a chat and we’ll contact you. Or, if you’d like to reach out to the campus directly, you can email at atlanta@flatironschool.com.