Workshop: Intro to APIs with The Self Taught Programmer Cory Althoff

See what you could learn in a software engineering bootcamp. Download the syllabus.

See what you could learn in a software engineering bootcamp. Download the syllabus.

In this hour and a half virtual event hosted by Flatiron School, you'll hear Cory Althoff, author of The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally, and developer advocate at Vonage, discuss his experience as a self-taught programmer, the community that he started, and his thoughts on coding bootcamps and why people should consider them. Cory will then host an introductory workshop focusing on APIs (application programming interface).

You will leave this workshop with the core concepts of:

  • What is an API

  • How APIs work

  • Examples of popular APIs

  • How APIs can be used to create fun side projects that help you get hired

Cory Althoff is an author, programmer, and speaker. He is best known for his book The Self-Taught Programmer, which has been published in seven languages and introduced the term 'self-taught programmer' into the common lexicon. BookAuthority named The Self-Taught Programmer one of the greatest programming books of all time, and The Next Web listed it as one of the ten books that will help you become a better software engineer. More than 200,000 developers are part of the self-taught programmer community that he created through his popular Facebook group, blog, newsletter, and Udemy course.

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