Terry Threatt: Event Management to Software Engineering

“Flatiron School offered exactly what I needed to streamline my learning and prepare me for the ever-evolving tech world.”

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Terry Threatt, a December 2020 graduate of Flatiron School’s Software Engineering program, began his career in sports event management, but a life-long interest in coding ultimately led him to tech. 

He shares his journey from planning events to writing code below.


Terry Threatt began his career in the world of sports, first as a college athlete and then as an event manager for athletic events. But, despite his fledgling career in athletics, Terry had a secret – he loved coding, and his interest in Software Engineering was drawing him in. 

“I’d been experimenting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript since I was 14,” he said. “The allure of coding never left me, it felt like a calling that combined my love for problem-solving and a desire to make a big impact.”

It was in 2017, just short three years after earning an MBA in Sports Business, that Terry’s passion for the field was “reignited through an Angular book” and he decided to seriously pursue a career change. 

“The field of tech drew me in because of its boundless opportunities to engage in new problems and the chance to make lives easier,” he explained. “I realized that with coding I could craft tools that streamline processes and create efficiencies in many areas and industries. It felt like a canvas where I could continually create, innovate, and learn.”

He started learning on his own, but eventually hit a wall. He recognized he’d need external guidance and support to progress to a professional level. 

“After years of self-study, I recognized some knowledge gaps and realized I needed a structured approach to take my skills to the next level,” he explained. “Flatiron School offered exactly what I needed to streamline my learning and prepare me for the ever-evolving tech world.”

Bootcamp Experience

To break through his learning plateau, Terry enrolled in Flatiron School’s Part-Time Online Software Engineering program. While the program’s format allowed him the flexibility to learn at his own pace while continuing to work, balancing existing responsibilities while adapting to the course is a challenge for even the most organized students. 

“Juggling the part-time program while working a full-time job was no small feat. Long nights of debugging and intense focus were required,” he said. “The time commitment was challenging, but it taught me resilience and discipline—skills that now define my approach to my work and growth.”

Despite those long nights, Terry thoroughly enjoyed both his coursework and his classmate’s company. 

“My favorite part of Flatiron School was the project/assessment period and the people. The assessments allowed me to gauge my progress and set reachable goals, while my cohort mates and instructor made the learning process enriching and enjoyable. We grew together, and the bonds forged will last a lifetime.”

Job Search

After 10 months of study, Terry graduated in late 2020, right into the height of the COVID pandemic. Despite the circumstances, he says his job search “went well” and was supported by his dedicated Flatiron School career coach. 

“My career coach was instrumental in my job search. She provided endless resources and motivation, guiding me toward landing my first role. Her support made the transition into tech smooth and inspiring,” he said. “It was a challenging job market at the time but I was still able to land a role as a software engineer for a commercial real estate company.”

When we spoke with him in August 2023, Terry reported that he was thriving in his new career field.

“Working in tech has been everything I hoped for and more. As a Software Engineer, I’m continually learning and have the opportunity to develop software that enhances people’s work. It’s a field where my creativity and drive can flourish.”

To see what Terry is up to now, visit his LinkedIn and his blog

Reflecting On His Journey

Looking back on the path he’s taken, Terry’s takeaway is that of embracing the possibility of transformation.  

“The biggest lesson I learned is that change is within our grasp. My decision to attend Flatiron School created a profound change in my life. It reinforced my belief that with determination and the right choices, we can shape our destiny.”

As for his advice to others just beginning their Flatiron School programs, he recommends trusting the process and staying the course. 

“The journey may be tough, but the rewards are immeasurable. Believe in your goals, and you’ll find that everything falls into place. Your dreams are reachable, and Flatiron School is a stepping stone towards realizing them.”

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