Summer Skill-up: Take the Plunge and Level Up Your Tech Skills

Posted by Flatiron School  /  July 29, 2016

No matter where you live, everything seems to move just a bit slower in the summer. So while everyone else is taking summer Fridays and spending the weekend poolside, why not use this time to sharpen your skills and upgrade in your career?If you’ve ever considered getting into tech by learning to code, or deepening your existing programming skills, we’ve got a bunch of new certificate courses for you to try. Learn at your own pace on our online campus and get access to an incredible network of instructors and fellow students who are always available to help.  

Summer Goals

Build your own website from scratch

Start off with our HTML + CSS course to learn to basics of web design and styling – and then move on to our intro to JavaScript course to bring the web to life! After just a few lessons, you’ll be on your way to mastering an important programming language and, more importantly, building interactive websites from scratch!

Discover the language of Hulu, Kickstarter and Shopify

Some of the best tech startups of the last ten years were built using Ruby and its framework Ruby on Rails. Our new advanced beginner Ruby course will help you master the fundamentals to create rich command-line applications such as a data scraper, music library organizer and an artificially intelligent game.

Jump start a new career

Good software developers never stop learning; they enjoy problem solving and challenging themselves to adapt to new languages and technologies as they emerge. So the best way to find out if a career as a developer is right for you is to just dive in and start learning to program. Try our free intro to Ruby track combined with our free intro to Javascript course – if you realize you don’t want to stop, you’ll have a solid foundation to apply to our Web Developer career change course. At the end of this rigorous program, you’ll be interviewing for junior developer jobs and launching your career in tech!