Intro to Javascript

Master the fundamentals of modern web development with Flatiron School’s free JavaScript course. This course assumes no prior programming experience, starting you off with Javascript for beginners as you work through Javascript tutorials and exercises that reinforce your learning.

Start your coding journey

This free Javascript course starts you off with Javascript basics before progressing to more advanced Javascript tutorials that will leave you with the beginnings of an impressive code portfolio to demonstrate your growing proficiency.

Free JavaScript Course (No Catch)

his full 50+ hour online Javascript course is 100% free. No credit card required; no trial period or expiration date, so you can learn on your schedule.

On Demand Support

Our on-demand team of Technical Coaches are only a button click away, ready to help you get unstuck when you need it. They’ll reinforce your JavaScript training by helping you find a solution to a lesson issue you’re facing, not solving it for you.

Explore Your Future in Tech

This course is the best way to experience Flatiron’s curriculum, community, and culture firsthand – and to explore whether you’re passionate about pursuing code as a career.

Rapid, Rigorous Education

This course is an effective way to get hands-on experience with programming fundamentals and real developer tools, featuring JavaScript tutorials and projects that give you a taste for whether a career in programming is right for you.

Start thinking like a software developer

Students take on the same introductory Javascript curriculum we’ve honed in our immersive, career-changing programs and come away from the course with the beginnings of an impressive code portfolio to demonstrate their proficiency.

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript changed the web from static pages into the interactive experience it is today - and, as one of the most popular programming languages, it’s still bringing websites to life in new ways.

Topics covered: Introduction to JavaScript, JavaScript Comments, JavaScript Data Types, JavaScript Logging, and how to use real developer tools like Github

JavaScript Functions and Scope

Learn the importance of Javascript functions and why Scope is the key to understanding how your variables and functions interact with each other in your code.

Topics coveredIntro to Functions, Variables, and Scope

JavaScript Data Structures and Loops

An introduction to JavaScript Data Structures, like Arrays and Objects, and how different types of Loops help you execute the same block of code a specified number of times.

Topics coveredArrays, Objects, and Loops

The DOM and jQuery

Where we dive into the DOM, Document Object Model, of a web page, and begin using jQuery, a lightweight JavaScript library.

Topics coveredIntro to The DOM, Creating and Listening to Nodes, Modifying HTML with jQuery, jQuery Selectors and Event Listeners

Start building like a software engineer

At Flatiron School, students learn by building. Use your growing JavaScript skills to form the beginnings of an impressive code portfolio that will help demonstrate your proficiency for coding.

Rock Dodger

Students build a full dynamic game from scratch, programming a ship controlled by your arrow keys and animating falling rocks to avoid or else… *boom*.

Built with: Event Listeners, HTML5 DOM Updates, First-Class Functions

Konami Code

Playing off an old gaming cheat code, students learn how to trigger an alert via certain keystrokes.

Built with: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5

Frequently asked questions

Is Intro to JavaScript really free?

Yes, our Intro to JavaScript course does not require any credit card information and does not have a time limit. You’ll begin learning to code alongside a community of fellow students and have full access to 30+ hours of Ruby lessons and labs – as well as on-demand support from our Technical Coaches.

Do I need to finish all of Intro to JavaScript to apply to Flatiron School?

While making progress in our free courses is the best way to strengthen your application to our Online Web Developer Program and NYC Software Engineering Immersive, finishing the full Intro to JavaScript course is not required to apply. This free course is meant to help you gauge whether you want to pursue a lifelong programming career, and whether you can successfully learn to code through our teaching techniques and technology.

Our admissions team primarily wants to see consistency in how you’re preparing. You’re encouraged to apply for our Online Web Developer Program or NYC Software Engineering Immersive as soon as you feel ready to commit your time and energy to an immersive program. (Note: It’s important to understand that your initial application and interview is a way to for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us, and includes no technical questions.)

What courses does Flatiron School offer?

We offer on-campus courses in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity analytics, and cybersecurity engineering. These courses are being held remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic until it is safe to reopen our campuses.

We also offer online courses in software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity analytics.

Flatiron also offers a free introduction to coding workshop, free data science workshop, free cybersecurity workshop, free Ruby workshop, and a free JavaScript workshop.

For a full list of the programs we offer, head to our Courses page.

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Start learning JavaScript basics – for free and on your schedule. Setup is quick and works on virtually any computer so you can be coding in minutes.