Meet The Creators Of Our UX / UI Product Design Curriculum

Product Design Curriculum

Flatiron School’s UX / UI Product Design curriculum is created and taught by Product Designers with years of real-world industry experience: Dr. Delminquoe Cunningham, Bani Phul-Anand, Anwar Montasir, and Siana Altiise.

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Flatiron School’s UX / UI Product Design curriculum is created and taught by Product Designers with years of real-world industry experience.

When you join Flatiron, you’ll be trained by experienced industry professionals. Their classes are filled with practical, hands-on, real-world examples so you’ll be ready to jump into your first job as soon as you graduate.

Dr. Delminquoe Cunningham

17 years of experience in the arts, 3D design, animation, and UX / UI design 

Picture of Dr. Delminquoe Cunningham, Senior Product Design Curriculum Developer

Dr. Delminquoe Cunningham, a Senior Curriculum Developer, has held a variety of roles from UX Designer and Rendering Specialist to University Professor and Business Consultant. But, as a self-professed lifelong art lover, it’s all been part of the journey for him.

After receiving a BFA in Computer Animation he spent several years at some of the leading companies in special effects, animation, and game development – NBC Universal, Sci-Fi, Krater, and Acclaim Games to name a few.

This led him to return to his alma mater as a teacher while he obtained a graduate degree in Entertainment Business. But, he says, all these paths were leading him to user experience. 

Before joining Flatiron as a UX / UI Curriculum Developer for Product Design, Dr. Cunningham worked with Mitsubishi Electric Trane as a front-end developer and UX designer, working to develop new customer experiences for building automation systems.

“My advice to students is to be a lifelong student – always be curious, and look for the next trend in art and design.”

Read about his career change: 


Bani Phul-Anand

17 years of experience in graphic design, creative direction, and UX Design

Picture of Bani Phul-Anand, Lead Product Design Instructor

Bani Phul-Anand, Lead Instructor of Product Design, started her career in beauty. She held positions as a graphic designer, and later art director, in well-known luxury beauty and fashion brands including Estee Lauder, Loreal, and Avon.

But a move to Amazon as a creative director exposed her to the world of UX / UI and ultimately changed her career trajectory. 

“I took a [UX / UI] bootcamp to brush up on my skills,” Phul-Anand said, “and moved to freelance for clients like Fordham University and startups like MealPal in New York City.”

“My advice to students is to practice more than you think you need to – that’s the only thing that will make you better at what you do. And don’t get stuck on tools, they change. Don’t be precious with your work – seek criticism, not validation.”


Siana Altiise

10 years of experience in experience design, product design, and education

Picture of Siana Altiise, Product Design Curriculum Designer

Siana Altiise, Product Design Curriculum Designer, has held UX Design positions at some of the best-known companies in the industry. 

Following a BA in Research and Experimental Psychology and an MA in International and Intercultural Communication, she pivoted into the world of design. A former Product Designer for Dell Labs, she has designed AR learning experiences at META and for ELM Learning. 

Outside of her career, Altiise performs as a sensory artist and is a certified PADI Rescue Diver.



Anwar Montasir

20 years of experience as a designer, developer, educator, and curriculum writer

Picture of Anwar Montasir, Senior Product Design Curriculum Writer

Anwar Montasir, Senior Product Design Curriculum Writer, has channeled his education into a variety of teaching positions at colleges and bootcamps over the last 20 years. 

After attaining a BFA and an MFA in Fine and Studio Arts, Montasir jumped into the field of education, starting as an Adjunct Digital Media Professor in a New York City area school and transitioning seamlessly to different learning institutions before joining the Flatiron School team.

He also created learning videos and wrote blogs concerning UX and Web Development for Treehouse, an e-Learning provider focused on diversifying the tech industry through more accessible education. 



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