National Coding Week 2023 | Student Project Showcase

For National Coding Week 2023, we’re highlighting 5 recent Software Engineering grads capstone project presentations.

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This year for National Coding Week we’re highlighting a few recent Flatiron School Software Engineering graduates and their capstone projects.

Jack Holmes: Cultivating The Art Of The Photo Dump

Jack Holmes created an image-sharing platform called “Dump” for his capstone project that used cloud-based web storage using Amazon Web Services S3, and self-join association and active storage, both created with Ruby on Rails. The app takes advantage of the recent trend to “photo dump” on social media platforms like Instagram, sharing several snapshots from a certain time frame or event at once. With his new app “Dump”, Jack hoped to encourage authenticity on social media, instead of the typical, carefully curated content that the algorithm presents to users. 

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Mark Shkreli: Money Mavericks

For his capstone project, Mark Shkreli pulled on his background working in the finance industry to create a financial education web app called “Money Mavericks”. His goal was to combine both financial news and up-to-date market data to give individuals the tools they need to succeed as retail investors in one central platform.

Casey Ramirez: Rambler

Casey Ramirez’s inspiration for his capstone project “Rambler” was while he was on a walk, thinking about coding. The app is a health platform for tracking miles and coordinating group walks with other local users. Users can post walks, sign up for walks posted by others, and share activities. Casey created the app’s front end with React and the back end with Ruby on Rails.  

Jon Hause: Memry

Jon Hause’s capstone project “Memry” was inspired by his wife and their love of Broadway, restaurants, and travel. The app is a digital scrapbooking platform designed to help users remember their experiences, logged in a chronological timeline. Jon used React, React Routers, UseContext, Tailwind, and Date Functions to create the website’s Front End. He used Rails, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, bcrypt, and Active Storage in the Back End. 

Elliot Wynn:

For his capstone project, Elliot Wynn created “”, a modern gaming library. He created the platform to help gamers keep track of their gaming libraries and create a “playlist” and filtering functionalities so that they actually play all of their games. He used React and Ruby on Rails to build the website.

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The diversity of these projects, all from students who attended the same program and learned from the same curriculum, shows how coding knowledge can take you down a plethora of paths. 

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