Meet the Coding Couple Who Went to Flatiron School Together and Changed Their Lives

Posted by Flatiron School  /  February 14, 2019

They say the couple that codes together, stays together. Traci and Bryan found a life they love — and love itself — through technology. The tech-savvy pair met on eHarmony, got engaged, and live happily married in Denver. When they met, Traci was a public health professional at an  assisted living facility and Bryan was a Linux Systems Administrator at the same organization. After some convincing, they both enrolled in Flatiron School. Fast forward three years, they’re both software engineers earning, according to Bryan, “the best money of our lives.”

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Bryan grew up in Southern California and joined the Navy out of high school. He worked in IT and later as a systems administrator. Bryan always had a passion for coding and wanted to become a programmer. When he discovered Flatiron School’s immersive Online Software Engineering course he thought it would be the ticket to a new career in the tech world… he was right!Traci, on the other hand, grew up in Michigan, studied photography after high school, and went on to attend culinary school. She was a professional chef for 10 years before earning a BA in public health. She was looking for a career that would give her the flexibility and freedom to enjoy both work and life. Based on his own experience, Bryan convinced her to enroll in Flatiron School’s Online Software Engineering course. Both agree that the course itself requires determination, but that the grit paid off and has ultimately allowed them to maintain a healthier work/life balance.

Bryan commented that the things he loved most about his new career as a software developer at Via TRM, aside from being able to work remotely and the flexibility that comes with that, is that, “the whole team that I work are really expert at their craft,” said Bryan. Work is now a source of inspiration. “Whether it be the co-working developer or the CEO, they’re really motivating to be around,” said Bryan. He also said Flatiron School gave him the skills he needed to succeed on a small team. “I work as one of only two software developers at my company, which is a testament to the level that Flatiron School prepares you for the workforce,” said Bryan. “I feel confident and incredibly proud of the work I do.” Traci, who grew up thinking she would become an artist, uses her creativity in a new and exciting ways as part of her job as a software developer at SparkFun Electronics. She advises that, no matter what your background, it’s never too late to switch it up and change your career for the better. “It is difficult to figure out what you want out of your career, and out of your life,” said Traci. “I was 30 years old before I ever realized it was possible for me to become a developer. It has taken some adjustment to apply a new frame for creativity, but I really love that my job gives me the ability to learn new things every day.”