Flatiron School is proud to release yearly, independently verified Job Outcomes Reports. We’re extremely proud of our students’ success. In our latest Online Outcomes Report, 94% of job-seeking students accepted full-time salaried roles, paid apprenticeships, and part-time roles in the reporting period. And, in our latest NYC Outcomes Report, 99% of job-seeking Software Engineering Immersive students accepted full-time salaried roles, paid apprenticeships, and part-time roles in the reporting period. 

Gretchen Jacobi, Head of Career Services at Flatiron, shares her insights into Flatiron School’s high student outcomes standards and how the Flatiron School team empowers students not just to master code, but also to master the art of job-seeking. She discusses the three reasons why Flatiron School has been so successful in helping students change their careers, and in turn their lives.

A team effort

Flatiron’s mission is not just to teach people how to code and transform their careers but is also to transform higher education. To that end, we’re dedicated to leading the industry by example and being incredibly transparent about our student’s success

Our goal is that our outcomes signal to students that we’ll be 110% behind you from the moment that you show up on campus, whether it’s virtual or in-person, all the way to graduation through the job search until you get a job. Our whole team is behind each student.

More than just advice

Career Services at Flatiron School is very different than career services at other traditional educational institutions. Our career services have two components: Career Coaching and Employer Evangelism. Since 2012, we’ve been perfecting what it takes to be a “no-brainer tech hire” and our team is with you every step of the way, supporting and empowering you until you accept the job that will kick off your new career.

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are not only experts at what they do, but build deep, long relationships with their students.  Our coaches use techniques that help students understand within them what their strengths are and what their desires are. They help students find their own answers versus just giving them the answers. It’s closer, in technique, to life coaching than it is to career advisory. We help change your mindset, not just your resume.

Students meet with their coaches 1:1 every week throughout the job search process e. Whether it’s more interview practice, a resume touch-up, or pure motivation, our coaches identify what you need most to succeed and personalize the experience to best support. We’re never in workshop mode where we stand up in front of a group of 50 people and give best practices. The coaching is personally tailored to the student receiving their guidance, because it’s delivered, one to one, from coach to student.

Employer Evangelism

We have an entire team that contacts employers all day, every day, to say, “We have incredible talent coming out of our program and you should consider them for these open positions you have on your team.” Through that work, they facilitate connections for our students with employer partners.

As a school, our success is our student’s success which is why we invest so heavily supporting students throughout the job search. Our money-back guarantee (see details) ensures that, as a company, our incentives are aligned with our students’. From admissions to education to post-grad support, our approach is and has always been aligned around what will drive the highest outcomes.

Holding ourselves accountable

What sets our career services apart and allows us to achieve such high placement rates is our accountability and goal setting. We know just how much effort it takes to successfully conduct a job search and we hold ourselves accountable for ushering every single student through this process. To learn more about how we think about the job search process, download our free eBook, How to Be A No-Brainer Tech Hire.

Download our eBook: How to Craft a Career in Tech