Flatiron School Partners with the White House on a Plan to Expand Access to Tech Education

Posted by Flatiron School  /  March 14, 2015

We are thrilled to have collaborated with President Obama and his Administration on the TechHire Initiative a multi-sector effort and $100 million in grants to help Americans find technology jobs. As technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, it has transformed the economic landscape, rendering every industry from medicine to publishing inherently technical. Today, there are half a million jobs open in technology fields—many of which did not exist a decade ago—and these numbers are only expected to rise. Behind these job openings are companies who need more people than ever to fill technical roles. TechHire was developed to give more Americans the education they need to succeed at these jobs, meet employer demand, and create a positive feedback loop between a skilled workforce and a strong tech economy. TechHire was developed not only to help connect people with well-paying jobs but also to support the future competitiveness of our country.

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One of Flatiron School’s biggest goals has always been to put our students on the path to better employment prospects, and ultimately, a better life. It has been an honor to partner with the City of New York on the NYC Web Development Fellowship and help New Yorkers launch new careers in tech. As part of TechHire, we have committed to pro bono consulting to expand and improve training programs like the Fellowship. We can not wait to grow the Fellowship, iterate on its model, and help even more cities and communities train people for fulfilling careers. For more on the TechHire Initiative, click here.